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Angela MaGill
Data center modernization is no longer a choice but a necessity. It’s the foundation for making sure critical data is available where, when, and how you need it to accelerate time to value, to transform the business.  By now, you’ve probably heard about Hitachi Vantara’s Data Center NEXT announcement, based on flash-powered

Hu Yoshida
This week I had the pleasure to be a panelist on SAP Radio. The Moderator was Bonnie D. Graham, Global Thought Leadership Media Director and the Creator / Producer / Host of SAP Game-Changers Radio. Other panelists included Karin Underwood, a first-year MBA student at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she is a co-president of the
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Andrea Cicerchia
Gateway HNAS and GAD.   it is supported a GAD configuration betwin 4 HNAS 4080 nodes?   two nodes in the first site connected to the first storage and the other two nodes in the second site, connected to the second GAD's storage. My customer wants a 4 nodes cluster but need the NDMP on FC for backup, for this reason I cannot use the
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Voljinlvlan V
Hi, I see in JsDoc about nullInterpolationMode that we can set value depend on mode (median,lowerQuartil, upperQuartil, minimum, and maximum). Why i need to set null value by self because i already data to Interpolation.   For Ex. i choose data from 2018/01 - 2018/12 but now is 05(MAY) data in (06-12) not have data but i have target data