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Sapphire 2018 Wrap-up

Blog Post created by Dave Krenik Employee on Jul 10, 2018


This was my first SAP Sapphire event and I will say that (even as a former Oracle person) I left impressed.  There are several impressions imbedded in my psyche from the event:

  • Suits – lots of dark suits.  I’ve attended a number of tech events over the years and have not seen such a high proportion of attendees in suits.  Amazing – especially considering the humidity in Tampa.  I was literally melting…


  • SAP (like many other IT vendors) appears to have a keen interest in all things Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  SAP tied much of this back with their Leonardo product suite.  There were many Leonardo demos available show casing IoT, Machine Learning (ML), Big Data/Analytics, and (of course) Blockchain.  Cool stuff.
  • The newly announced SAP HANA Data Management Suite(soft bundle comprised of SAP HANA, Data Hub, Enterprise Architecture Designer, and Cloud Platform Big Data Services) is a big deal.  SAP is really looking to help its customers to make data management of SAP environments much easier.


Speaking of making management of SAP HANA environments easier, we had an amazingly popular demo for the Hitachi Storage and Server Adapters for the SAP HANA Cockpit.  Basically, what Hitachi Vantara has done – that no one else has done* - is empower the DBA to have greater control over their SAP HANA environment.  There are several storage/systems vendors who’ve done integration work to enable BU&R with SAP HANA Cockpit.  What Hitachi has done is to take this several orders of magnitude further.  DBAs can take snaps and clones (thick or thin), email alerts for CPU/memory usage, LUN/IOPS/Pool limits, trending for CPU, memory, LUN, and filesystem leveraging advanced analytics.  There are a lot more cool features of the Hitachi SAP HANA Cockpit Adapters and it would take a dedicated post just to touch on most of them. One more that deserves mention is the “Storage Graph Layout”.  The storage layout graph visualizes the hierarchical relationship of storage context of a specified HANA host. It shows the structure of LUNs, hostgroups, storage pool, and ports in the registered Hitachi storage for a specified HANA host:


If you would like to learn more about Hitachi’s Storage and Server Adapters for the SAP HANA Cockpit (and you should), you can either come see us at NEXT 2018 in San Diego September 25-27 or view the Best Practice Guide.


Thanks for reading.