Twenty Three Years with Hitachi

By Hubert Yoshida posted 04-22-2020 22:41


This last month has been 23 years since I joined Hitachi Data Systems which is now Hitachi Vantara. A common question, I know that people want to ask me, is when I expect to retire since I have been in my golden years for some time now.


Well the time has come, and I will retire at the end of this month, April 30.


Working here has been a wonderful adventure, as Hitachi Data Systems has grown and matured into Hitachi Vantara. There has been constant change and challenges as we transformed from a mainframe company to a storage company, to software and services and now to a digital infrastructure and solutions company. I have had the good fortune of working with so many great people; customers, partners, industry peers, and Hitachi colleagues,  across the geos in this industry. While there are very few people here that I knew when I first joined Hitachi, the core values of Wa, harmony, Makoto, sincerity, and Kaitakusha Seishin, pioneering spirit, have remained the same.


I have had the privilege of being a corporate blogger for 15 years, since 2005. I post several blogs a week and will continue to do so until my last day on April 30. Although I will be retiring, Hitachi Vantara will allow me to retain my CTO title as an Emeritus CTO. As such I will be able to retain access to the corporate systems and hope to be able to continue blogging on Hu’s Place. This is a great honor and allows me to stay connected to the people and work that I love. There are so many new things that are possible for Hitachi Vantara, that I would hate to miss not being connected in some way.


Over the course of these many years, there have been many challenges, but Hitachi has been able to grow stronger with each new challenge. Unfortunately, we are in the midst of the toughest challenge to date, but I feel confident that Hitachi Vantara will be able to meet this challenge. I will be working up until my last day and will be available if there is anything that I can share that would be of benefit.


I will post my last blog as a regular employee on April 30 and will indulge myself to post about my experiences from over the past 60 years in the IT industry and share some of what I have learned in that time.




04-23-2020 20:15

Thanks Linda, It has been fun. I hope to continue to contribute in the future.

04-23-2020 20:05

@Hubert Yoshida​ Thank you for your many contributions to our community. Best wishes as you transition to this next phase.