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OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015: Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Blog Post created by Paula Phipps Employee on Nov 10, 2015

I spent the last week in October in Tokyo at the OpenStack Summit. I am an OpenStack Summit Noobie. For the uninitiated, this is slang for someone new to the OpenStack Summit events. The number of smart people per capita at the event was high and the aura surrounding them, electric. I found myself dashing to the general sessions where open source Gurus Mark Collier @sparkycollier, OpenStack co-founder, and Jonathan Bryce @jbryce, OpenStack Executive Director, pumped up the crowd. OpenStack super users like Yahoo! Japan impressed with their deployment success stories.


From there, I dashed to the Marketplace with its sea of exhibitors. I learned that at the OpenStack Summit, it’s all about being – well -- open. Exhibitors touted open source software, with hooks into OpenStack in some way, shape or form – with some offering solutions running the OpenStack software itself, while others offered complimentary and compatible infrastructure. At the Hitachi booth, we talked about how our storage, server and converged platforms take advantage of drivers and APIs for delivering services via an OpenStack cloud. Conference goers got a preview of automation technology for OpenStack cloud infrastructure using Hitachi Automation Director software. They also learned that Hitachi partners closely with big open source behemoths to create cloud solutions; that Pentaho, a Hitachi company, open sources its software and that Hitachi is an OpenStack Gold Member.


The collective knowledge in the sessions is staggering and impressive, and it’s coming from all directions, corporate (companies that use OpenStack to help run their businesses), vendor and individual members alike. Some of the sessions I attended were about how to manage multiple hypervisors and bare metal workloads together and how to achieve 99.999 availability in an OpenStack environment.  Sessions were mainly technical, but business types are definitely interested. I attended a session that offered a VC take on OpenStack for the Asia Pacific region and there was another session that delivered a media perspective on OpenStack. Industry analysts and other pundits at the event predict there will be fewer OpenStack distributions down the road. It will simply be too much for the ecosystem to leverage the many that exist today. From my vantage point, OpenStack has technical legs and seems poised for an influx of business people looking to develop more ways to monetize it.  Here is a link to the OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015 Recap.


I met face-to-face with some of the interesting and smart people I’ve been working with on the OpenStack Enterprise Working Group. This group’s mission is to identify and remove barriers to enterprise adoption and deployment of OpenStack. I recently helped research top challenges around resource management, gathering input from key technologists.  Back on the home front in Silicon Valley, I plan to stay engaged and let my OpenStack geek flag fly.


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