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Jump Start Your Digital Transformation with Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA Platform

Blog Post created by Paula Phipps Employee on Jun 1, 2017

In a 2016 Forbes Global Survey of Top Executives, most respondents identified the top driver for Digital Transformation as business models (41%) and an extremely close second were new technologies (40%).  This tells me it takes both of these for a business to transform. SAP HANA is one of the new technologies which will underpin your digital transformation and help you make data-driven, informed decisions to select and optimize business models.


As a pillar of the digital enterprise, SAP HANA empowers faster and more accurate business decisions by performing real-time analysis from multiple data sources in real time. You want these benefits fast; yet deploying SAP HANA takes time and expertise. Once up and running, you want SAP HANA to deliver on these promises, and that means running it on the right infrastructure.


How do you decide which infrastructure is right? How do you decide whom to partner with for needed expertise when deploying SAP HANA?  Here are critical criteria to consider.



Performance, cost, migration strategies, maintenance, infrastructure and sizing are key considerations as you migrate to SAP HANA. With over 20 years of experience, Hitachi and Oxya experts design, deploy and manage SAP environments for some of the largest global organizations. Our expertise lies in managing, governing, mobilizing, migrating and analyzing data and the infrastructure that supports it.



Hitachi does significant testing, sizing, software and hardware integration and solution development work to ensure our customers can trust our solution for SAP HANA will work as expected. Converged infrastructures have become the fastest way to bring SAP HANA to production.  Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA  is a converged infrastructure that combines software, enterprise-class storage systems, compute, and networking components.  It’s offered as an appliance or TDI (tailored data center infrastructure) and is available in scale-up and scale-out configurations, and sized from starter to massive scale.



Benchmarks can be a useful tool in assessing solutions for SAP HANA. There are many factors to consider, such as analyzing benchmark results by comparing tested configurations among vendors and understanding how these affect benchmark results. One key evaluation criterion with benchmarks is to check the tested configuration against real-world sizing. For example, producing a benchmark result using a large and expensive configuration may produce lower response times, but may not reflect real-world sizing and lowest TCO for your SAP HANA solution. Nonetheless, a vendor whom is transparent and shares benchmark results in the SAP community, and one that appears on the “leader board” is worth consideration. Hitachi recently published an  SAP BW Edition for SAP HANA Benchmark using what we think is a real-world configuration and it produced some impressive results. Hitachi has also published outstanding results using real-world configurations for the SAP BW Advanced Mixed Load Benchmark (BW-AML).



Our customers are our best asset and our best evidence of success. In-memory databases like SAP HANA are algorithm and data-intensive and consume vast computing resources, yet even so, Infosys has reduced SAP HANA infrastructure costs by 250% and power requirements by 95%.  M.buego saw a 100X increase in reports and analytics production and international retailer Spar can access analysis results and current numbers faster than ever before. Canadian-based SpinMaster, the 4th largest toy company globally, has cut batch run times by 50% - from days to hours with their Hitachi solution.


When you need real-time decisions to jump start your digital transformation, consider moving to SAP HANA. Hitachi can take you from a starter UCP for SAP HANA solution and scale as large as you need, giving you the confidence to expand and deploy more SAP HANA modules and applications along the way.


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