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What's the latest with Hitachi and VMware ecosystem integrations

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Nov 26, 2018

We recently rolled out some updates across our VMware ecosystem integration portfolio and I thought would use the opportunity to refresh our Hitachi customers / prospects on the integration possibilities that we provide. In addition to updating six of the existing integrations, we also announced three new integrations for VMware, two of those supported by Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID), our backup and copy management software.


  • Hitachi Infrastructure Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations v2.0 - New
  • Hitachi Storage Connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator v1.5
  • Hitachi Storage Content Pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight v1.3
  • Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter (VASA), v3.5.3
  • Hitachi Infrastructure Adapter for Microsoft® Windows PowerShell v1.1
  • Hitachi Storage Plug-in for VMware vCenter v3.9
  • Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) connector for VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) - New
  • Hitachi Data Instance Director adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) - New


To recap the intent and focus on these integrations is to continue to give customers that single pane of glass experience with vCenter / vRealize / vCloud management stack while ensuring visibility, service access and automation control over Hitachi data center infrastructure and software.

ecosystem integrations.png

The new Infrastructure Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations extends our original storage management pack and introduces initial support for our compute/converged offering Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) while continuing to support our Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) storage in generic compute-VMware environments. In this version, we included visibility into Hitachi compute resources, including alerts for blade based compute systems. We leverage vRealize Log Insight to gather SNMP alerts and syslog which are then selectively passed to vROPS. We also extended the storage monitoring aspects by delivering smarter more intuitive dashboards for storage capacity management. It also addresses processor utilization in VMware environments, giving proactive awareness and guidance on addressing any allocation or utilization imbalances across the many storage processors (MPUs) in VSP enterprise storage systems


From a vRealize Orchestrator perspective, which is becoming key component of our customer's automation and self service delivery of infrastructure journey, we added 20 new vRO workflows to our storage connector based on customer feedback. These include enhanced end to end vSphere Cluster datastore provisioning, reclaiming unused LUNs and storage UNMAP reclamation workflow to automate UNMAP/zero page reclaim for VMFS5 datastores. (Customers using VMFS6 or VVol datastores get the advantage of vSphere's automated UNMAP)


We also introduced additional vRO connector workflows focused on backup and copy data management services packaged as part of our HDID software.


These workflows are natively exposed in vCenter via right click on VMs and also the real power of these workflows becomes very apparent when exposed in vRealize automation as custom actions on provisioned VMs. The workflows are focused on enabling customers to take and use space efficient storage backups for pinpoint recovery services or test/dev/analytics use cases. Now application owners/admins after requesting and getting their particular App service provisioned from vRealize automation or vCenter, can now take advantage of custom actions to take and access point in time backups/space efficient clones of their VMs .They can selectively create new test/dev copies of that VM data from any time in the past for analytics purposes. Even better, is the ability for SQL admin for example to access and mount previous versions of their database into same production VM instance (via mount VMDK workflow) to do data comparisons or surgical data extraction when required.


mount VMDK's.png


The updated Hitachi Storage (VASA) Provider for VMware addresses customer and security improvements plus has been extensively tested with vRealize Automation+vRealize Orchestrator to provide access to storage infrastructure policy selection (aka SPBM) to catalog services. The example below shows how our Hitachi Enterprise Cloud is exposing access to infrastructure and backup requirements as part of a LAMP stack provisioning request. In a nutshell, we have effectively integrated latest releases of vRA with vRO SPBM plugin accessing Hitachi VASA Provider for both VVol and VMFS customers. Pretty cool. I will get one of my colleagues to publish that effort back to github shortly so others in the community can take advantage of it


vra and SPBM.png


On the VMware Site Recovery Manager front, we are introducing SRM adapter (SRA v3.0) based on HDID while continuing to maintain our v2.x SRA for environments without HDID. The HDID software adds tremendous usability and operational time improvements in large scale multi datacenter environments or environments with generalist admins that prefer tag, drag and drop approach to backup/DR configurations. Enabling datastore replication is a simple as placing a tag on that new datastore and HDID auto-magically creates that pair relationship between datacenters. The SRA will support all mainstream SRM versions (6.1,6.5,8.1) and you can review the broader HDID benefits as extolled by Rich in his recent HDID blogs


I will have to devote a separate blog to expand on these and the other integrations we enhanced including vCenter plug-in , Powershell adapter and Log Insight content pack that I didn't get to in this blog.


We are constantly delivering on our strategy to provide premier experience for customers in VMware ecosystem and encourage our customer/partner ecosystem to take advantage of these as you step along in the journey to delivering self-service and simplified operations as part of private/hybrid cloud environment.


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