Paul Morrissey

Unshackling VMware SRM from Windows, Hitachi's docker SRA

Blog Post created by Paul Morrissey Employee on May 9, 2019

A somewhat misleading or bemusing title but helps to capture the essence of what we have been working diligently on with VMware over the last few months as they worked on their VMware SRM 8.2 project which went officially public today. One of the major focus areas for SRM 8.2 was to move VMware SRM away from Windows to a Linux appliance based deployment model. This was to enable both a cloud friendly deployment model but also provide option for enterprises adopting the appliance model as default security posture. 



With this initiative, vendors like Hitachi Vantara who have built Site Recovery Manager adapters had to undertake a project to create a dockerized container based SRA in order to support this new deployment model. 


We have many joint enterprise customers who were actively interested in seeing this project come to completion. They rely on SRM to provide automated failover and failback but more so the audit-ability of DR processes that it provides which is an important attribute with its non-disruptive testing. I see many customers now in both 2DC and growing base of 3 datacenters (3DC) deployments.


Back to SRM 8.2, technically, SRM will now be delivered as an appliance (using VMware's Photon OS, a hardened linux distribution). It's deployed like any other appliance, using OVF with configuration template. The SRA adapter is then deployed by selecting the Hitachi docker image. You would then use HDID UI/API to drag/drop/create the replication pairs for existing datastore volumes. Note, you can configure vCenter to automatically create this pair relationship for all new datastores using a combination of placed vCenter tag which HDID will auto-detect which is pretty neat. Back on SRM, Its the same SRM process from then on that you are used to (discover array replicated datastores, create protection groups, put protection groups in recovery plans and test recovery plan)


I will say beside the deployment model, one of the other benefits for both customers and ourselves is the ease at which we can package updates and so the lifecycle of both the SRM appliance and the SRA container becomes a simple experience.


This SRA (v3.0.3) is compatible with Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID) version 6.7.1 or higher and inter-operable with all current Hitachi storage and converged systems. The Hitachi SRA package will also support previous Windows based SRM as we package both the docker container and windows version in same package. Check VMware compatibility for Hitachi and SRM here. Note, This is a premium SRA we have made available in addition to our traditional standard storage SRA to truly simplify the DR protection experience when deployed in conjunction with our HDID data protection and copy data management software.



Download Hitachi SRA v3.0.3, implement HDID and start your HTML5 based VMware SRM Appliance journey with the only 100% data availability Hitachi Storage and Converged Infrastructure. My marketing colleague, Rich Vining released his blog on this topic which has relevant links to VMware announcements etc. on


Stay tuned for more in this area as we work on next related DR initiative based on this foundation....VVol...