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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) has become synonymous with the latest and coolest in the mobile and telecom industry. Every year this spectacular event draws thousands of people from all over the world to the heart of Barcelona, and this year again, Hitachi was there, along with 2,200 exhibiting companies, 3,600 members of the media and analysts, and over 100,000 visitors from 204 countries. Many of the exhibitions centered on the Internet of Things (IoT). Different IoT verticals, related to Hitachi’s concept of Social Innovation were present.




Hitachi presence at MWC highlights the cooperation and synergy between different Hitachi business units such as Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Consulting Corporation, Social Innovation Business Unit, IoT Division, IT Platform Division, Hitachi Communication Technologies America and the Global Research organization (Global Center for Social Innovation and Center for Technology Innovation). This year the Hitachi Group put up 7 demos (click the demo list), covering a wide range of topics from big data analytics to 5G Cellular and IoT to smart cities and public safety.  Hitachi also participated in two official MWC panels featuring smart cities and digital transformation, and was also one of the companies featured in the official MWC IoT tour.

The 5G Cellular and IoT demo was conceptualized at the Hitachi America R&D Division of CSI - North America along with Hitachi Data Systems, and subsequently CSI-North America was a technical advisor in the refinement and finalization of the demos. The churn prediction demo done in partnership with SAP was also supported in part by CSI-North America.”

The Hitachi booth was a huge success, with around 1,000 visitors visiting the booth.  Hitachi received glowing reviews from industry members and think tanks such as Machina Research, as well as very favorable social media impact with over 2.4 million impressions.  From an R&D perspective, this year’s participation provided an opportunity to capture future trends in IoT and mobile, highlighting use cases of interest to potential customers. These insights will be valuable for Global Research in deciding the direction of future research and co-creation activities.

From: CSI - North America @ Silicon Valley