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CIGRÉ – Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques, “an international non-profit Association for promoting collaboration with experts from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow,” held CIGRÉ Session 2016 from 21st to 26th August in Paris, France, attended by over 8,000 participants from 93 countries.


Eight divisions from the Hitachi Group showcased power and energy solutions through 15 panels/exhibits at this major conference which is held once every two years. The Global Center for Social Innovation-North America (CSI-NA) which is part of Hitachi Global Research organization, exhibited two renewable energy-related solutions: grid stabilization technology and wind turbine power forecasting. The power forecasting technology is currently being developed through collaborative creation with an independent power producer for energy trading using Hitachi's Lumada-based Energy IoT Platform to collect, store and analyze real-time data from Wind Turbine farms. Key research output will be integrated with the Virtual Power Plant + (VPP+), being developed as a commercial solution by Hitachi Consulting Corporation in Europe.  At CIGRÉ Session 2016, a prototype of the VPP+ integration with renewable energy forecasting was demonstrated by CSI-NA.


Hitachi also hosted mini-presentations to describe the technology and customer benefits during the morning and afternoon sessions – which turned out to be hugely popular with high attendance and involvement from participants. Much interest was shown in Hitachi's Energy IoT Platform, and visitors also spent time discussing the customer co-creation approach being promoted at CSI-NA. Topics of discussion included Hitachi products, the power of software, analytics, service-oriented expertise as well as specifics on renewable energy forecasting techniques based on big data research, and collaboration with the product and services division to deliver customer value through VPP+.

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