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This month,  we’d like to introduce – webSpoon, a contribution to the Pentaho Community from the Global Center for Social Innovation – North America.


Pentaho Kettle is the open source ETL engineering tool from Pentaho. It has a graphical designer called Spoon, a great tool that allows data integration from flat files and RDBMS to Hadoop and beyond to be intuitively designed. To address the needs of developers for a browser-based tool, CSI-NA developed webSpoon, an alternative to Spoon with the same look & feel. WebSpoon allows you to design and execute data integration tasks in a web browser over a network. It could also be used to expand use cases of Spoon and PDI to data security and privacy, managed PDI development environment (either on the cloud/on-premise), data integration embedded in other web apps, online collaboration, etc.


Figure 1. webSpoon in a web browser


This project has been open-sourced in GitHub [1] and a Docker image is available to download from Docker Hub [2]. This is just one of many developments taking place in the Pentaho community, and is a very popular path for advanced features to reach a high level of stability and maturity while providing early access to cutting edge technology.

Figure 2. Dr. Hota Talked at Pentaho Community Meeting 2016 (PCM16)


Please give it a try and let us hear your opinion. Your feedback and comments are very important to the maturity of this exciting new development.


For more details, please contact or, or follow @HiromuHota.