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Yanfang Yu

Technology at the Wheel

Posted by Yanfang Yu Apr 4, 2017

In January, I introduced Hitachi’s Technology for Autonomous Parking – Easier & Tighter. This month I would like to share one of the University Alliances projects that the Global Center for Social Innovation North America (CSI-NA) Automotive Products Lab (APL) joined in collaboration with Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas (HIAMS) in a partnership with the University of Michigan, Mobility Transformation Center (MTC).


“Connected Car” is one of the most exciting technology developments to happen in the automotive industry over the past 50 years. Cars are getting smarter and more communicative, thanks to advances in sensor technology, enormous data exchange and high-speed communication. The implications will have a major impact on the global automotive industry for years to come. 


In response, HIAMS, along with CSI-NA/APL and Clarion, have focused on creating new technologies for next-generation cars, including tools that assist vehicles in parking, lane changing, braking, 360-degree sensing and a whole host of other technological features that will assist customers in providing a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.  In order to evaluate these features in a safe and reliable manner, Hitachi established an Affiliate Membership with the University of Michigan's Mobility Transformation Center (MTC) in 2015.  The MTC operates Mcity, a unique test facility with a controlled test environment that was specifically designed to evaluate the capabilities of connected and automated vehicles and systems that will lead the way to mass-market driverless cars. HIAMS, CSI-NA/APL and Clarion are now leveraging the capabilities at Mcity in order to develop, fine tune and create the most reliable automotive component systems in the industry that will lead the way in automated mobility in the years to come.


Please take a look!


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