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At Hitachi Research, the corporate statement “Inspire the Next” isn’t just a slogan, we put it to practice. This summer, the Global Center for Social Innovation- North America (CSI-NA) decided to inspire the next generation of researchers and engineers by holding a “Take Kids to Work” day on August 10 at the Silicon Valley Research Center.


The children were greeted by a Welcome Board with their names and researchers eager to show off their cool work.

The children learned how important design was to a product and the difference it can make from researchers of the User Experience Design Laboratory, and how Fleet Management technology which uses AI can give a better driving experience through the race car simulation. The highlight though was the human symbiotic robot, EMIEW3, which demonstrated how humans and robots might one day coexist. EMIEW3 not only quizzed the kids but entertained them with a magic show and an inaugural dance performance!

The day left a strong impression on the children, with some of them saying they wanted to become  robot researchers, while others said they would like to become train engineers at Hitachi, and all very proud of the “cool stuff” that their parents were doing at Hitachi. For researchers, it was a good opportunity to receive the feedback and experiences from next generation that could be reflected to their researches. What better incentive is there than to make the world a better place for the next generation! Happy Summer!