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Last month, Halcyon partnered with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to celebrate innovations in the fields of AI and Robotics in Washington, D.C. Halcyon Dialogue is a series of high-level discussion among global leaders, experts and innovators, focusing on major topics which impact society, including implications of robots for global society, emergency management strategies and social impact-based sciences. Top industry leaders, scientists, government officials and policymakers participated in this invitation-only event.


Dr. Yasuo Osone, General Manager of the Center for Technology Innovation – Mechanical Engineering (CTI-ME) delivered a lecture entitle “Human Symbiotic Robot & AI Technologies for Social Innovation” at the 2017 Annual Hitachi Lectureship at AAAS on September 26, and EMIEW3, Hitachi’s human symbiotic service robot, was invited to participate in the VIP Halcyon Dialogue Robotics Showcase held on the September 28.


EMIEW3 was developed as a human symbiotic robot, to provide services in a human-centric environment, such as supporting or guiding people in public facilities. The Robotics team at the Global Center for Social Innovation – North America (CSI-NA), was joined by colleagues from CTI-ME in Japan, to demonstrate some of EMIEW3’s capabilities.

             Robotic team @ Halcyon Dialogue

Back row: Dr. Osone (3rd from left), Mr. Nakamura (4th from left), Dr. Homma (5th from left)

Front row: Dr. Togami (1st from left), EMIEW3 (2nd from left), Dr. Baba (3rd from left)


Drs. Togami and Homma from CSI-NA demonstrated how EMIEW3 might guide a traveler seeking assistance in an airport. EMIEW3’s first appearance on the east coast was very well received, with many comments and compliments from the audience confirming the potential of humanoid robots in providing beneficial services in increasingly diverse and also aging societies.



Demo of EMIEW3 helping a traveler looking for information


CSI-NA Robotics Team will focus on PoC (Proof of Concept) activities engaged with customer collaboration to confirm human support capability of EMIEW. We look forward to your feedback and opportunities for co-creation with potential customers.


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