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With the explosive growth in IoT, Fog Computing becomes more and more important as a bridge connecting the cloud and things. The OpenFog Consortium and the IEEE Communication Society co-hosted the Fog World Congress @ Marriott Santa Clara on Oct 30th - Nov 1st, which brought industry and research together to explore the technologies, challenges, industry deployments and opportunities in fog computing. 


Dr. Joydeep Acharya and Dr. Sudhanshu Gaur of the Global Center for Social Innovation - North America (CSI-NA), were there with other colleagues from Hitachi Global Research, to talk about their research focus. Dr. Acharya, Senior Research Engineer in the Digital Solution Platform Laboratory of CSI-NA, presented a peer-reviewed paper on GPS analytics for mobile IoT to achieve context aware data compression and privacy. Representing the research team at Hitachi America R&D, Dr. Acharya also contributed to the White Paper on Autonomous Driving recently released by the OpenFog Consortium to share knowledge for safer & smarter transportation.


The demonstration of Railway Maintenance-as-a-Service introduced fog & edge related research activities with our solution partner, Hitachi Rail Europe, and visitors showed great interest in the real world use case.




Dr. Sudhanshu Gaur, Director of Digital Solution Platform Laboratory of CSI-NA talked about the fundamental challenges facing industrial IoT given complex business dynamics requiring faster decision-making, reduced costs and enhanced security and privacy. To overcome these challenges, Dr. Gaur presented key fog design principles that can unlock the true potential of industrial IoT.


                          Sudhanshu Gaur, Director of Digital Solution Platform Laboratory


Hisanori Matsumoto, Dr. Norikatsu Takaura and Dr. Takashi Isobe, from the Center for Technology Innovation, Hitachi, Ltd., co-presented on industrial use-cases in smart factories using deep, machine and reinforcement learning, holistic anomaly detection of 3M (Man, Machine, Material) and network, parameter optimization for the launch of a plant, as well as dynamic smart sensing system with efficient data extraction, and predictive maintenance of plant facilities.




From left:  Hisanori Matsumoto, Sr. Researcher;  Norikatsu Takaura, Chief Researcher; Takashi Isobe, Sr. Researcher


If you would like to learn more about Hitachi’s research regarding Fog Computing, please contact CSI-NA