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Get inspired by some of the best minds in technology at Hitachi Vantara’s NEXT 2018 in San Diego, California, September 25-27. Learn about the latest innovations straight from the visionaries driving the future. Among the distinguished speakers are senior researchers from the Global Center for Social Innovation – North America (CSI-NA), who will share their thought leadership in these breakout sessions.

Slide1.JPGImprove Your Asset Life Cycle Management – Amit Kumar, Senior Solution Strategist, CSI-NA with Anindya Bhattacharya from Hitachi Consulting Corporation

See how life cycle issues can be solved with a holistic view of your assets, starting with procurement, commissioning maintenance, operations and services, and portfolio management. Learn how to improve agility and scalability by analyzing your operational processes, asset and process interactions, asset performance and the health of surrounding environments.


How IoT Edge Intelligence Has Transformed Manufacturing – Sudhanshu Gaur, Ph.D., Director and Laboratory Manager, CSI-NA with Suhail Jiwani from Hitachi Vantara

No industry drives industrial internet of things (IoT) applications and embraces digital technologies like manufacturing. See how IoT edge solutions deliver real-time insights and intelligence to improve quality, yield and product traceability. Learn about sensing, connectivity, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), and see case studies that demonstrate how the Hitachi edge solution has changed manufacturing.


Artificial Intelligence Meets IoT: Tales from the Field – Ahmed Farahat, Ph.D. and Haiyan Wang, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientists, CSI-NA

Using AI for IoT can increase the availability of equipment, make operations more predictable and enhance the quality of your products. Learn how to apply AI to IoT data to improve equipment operation and maintenance, and see use cases from fleet maintenance, operation scheduling and manufacturing quality.


Improve Your Manufacturing with Insights from IoT Analytics – Wei Yuan, Ph.D., Senior Researcher and Team Leader, CSI-NA with Zack Pu, Ph.D. from Hitachi Vantara

IoT analytics can help manufacturers overcome poor machine availability, low production performance and poor overall equipment efficiency. Give plant managers real-time visibility into their operations, and provide meaningful analytics and insights for better decisions. Experts from Hitachi demonstrate how Hitachi Lumada uses advanced analytics and IoT to transform manufacturing across the value chain.


Blockchain: Build Digital Trust in Your Enterprise – David Pinski, Chief Strategist, CSI-NA

Is blockchain a fad, a fundamental shift – or something in between? Whatever it is, you need to know about blockchain to understand its impact on your business. This session provides a basic introduction to blockchain technologies and how they might impact your industry. Don't know what DLT or ICO mean? Find out here! Come early to get the latest insights from this popular session.


Can We Improve Autonomous Driving with IoT and Cloud? – Subrata Kundu, Ph.D., Senior Researcher and Team Leader, and Sujit Phatak, Senior Researcher and Group Leader, CSI-NA

See why Hitachi Group companies are leaders in autonomous driving technologies. Learn about the sensors and controllers for advanced driver assistance systems, the application of IoT for connected autonomous mobility, and the cloud-based co-simulation platform for rigorous testing developed by Hitachi America.


Improve Your Maintenance Reliability with Machine Learning- Chetan Gupta, Ph.D. Head of Industrial AI Lab, CSI-NA with Shahbaz Haque from Hitachi Consulting and Ashwin Sridhar from Google Cloud.

Hop aboard for a detailed showcase of how artificial intelligence (AI) improves maintenance on high-speed trains, which are among the world’s most complex, high-precision instruments.


Don’t miss this chance to meet our incredible researchers at NEXT 2018