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 Can i get XML/JSON data from URL every 3 hours?

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nipitpon songluk posted 10-17-2018 04:48

I tried to use "REST Client" and "Get data from XML" to get data from

everythings looks be ok, but it's doesn't work.

and when I'm tried to get a data from XML file on local computer, it's work very well.

Any ideas, Please Advise

Very Thanks,





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David Marlow

You probably need to add a generate rows step  to trigger the Get XML step ...If it still doesn't not work,  use the HTTP Client step ..that works to get the page ( I just did it ) but that still needs  a row to trigger also.  as far as every 3 hours you can do that a number of ways the tranformation ...just use the delays rows step and generate as many rows as you like and a case to skip the first row ( not wait 3 hours to get the first time) . 

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John Craig

Rather than adding a delay to the PDI transformation, I'd suggest using either the Schedule capability that is built into the PDI Client or running the transformation via pan.bat or (as appropriate for your environment) using the host operating system's scheduling capability.