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 Is there any API or report which can give me currently configured Host-mode and Host mode option for all the host groups across my arrays, needed this report for validation whether the current configuration is as per the best practice?

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Mohit Chordia posted 05-11-2020 20:24
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Roberto Seldner

If you use RAIDCOM/CCI, you can use the raidcom get lun command. Example from the documentation:

# raidcom get lun -port CL4-E-0 PORT GID HMD LUN NUM LDEV CM Serial HMO_BITsCL4-E 0 LINUX/IRIX 0 1 0 CM 63528 2 13CL4-E 0 LINUX/IRIX 2 1 2 - 63528 2 13CL4-E 0 LINUX/IRIX 3 1 3 - 63528 2 13CL4-E 0 LINUX/IRIX 4 1 4 - 63528 2 13CL4-E 0 LINUX/IRIX 5 1 992 - 63528 2 13CL4-E 0 LINUX/IRIX 6 1 993 - 63528 2 13 *HMD = Host Mode *HMO BITS = Host Mode Options

You can also obtain this information by creating a configuration report in Storage Navigator, and checking the Hosts and LUN sections. See the Administration Guide for the specific system model you're working with for details.


Creating configuration reports 


  1. Open the Create Configuration Report window. From General Tasks, click Create Configuration Report.
  2. Specify a task name and click Apply. This task name is used as the report name in the Reports window. This process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  3. Click Refresh to update the Reports window. The created report appears in the list. 


Viewing configuration reports

You can view configuration reports in three ways: in table view, in graphical view, and as comma-separated value (CSV)-formatted files. 


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Mohit Chordia

Thank you for the reply.