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 Connect HAD with rest API configuration manager server

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Chintan Patel posted 05-05-2020 13:30

I would like to connect config manager rest server with HAD. the config manager is part of ops center and would like to know what extra configuration I need to do. when i try to add config manager it ask for user name and password. what are those credentials? also what extra I need to do to make them work with each other?

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Ross Britt

Hello Chintan,


To configure a connection to the Configuration Manager, create a web service connection from the Administration tab. There are two methods depending on the workflows you will use:


When creating Configuration Manager REST API server connections, you must set up credentials as follows:

  • For Data Mobility services, create one connection that uses the same credentials for each storage system managed by the Configuration Manager REST API. In addition to using the same credentials to access all storage systems, ensure that these credentials are assigned the following roles:
    • Security Administrator (View and Modify)
    • Storage Administrator (Provisioning)
    • Storage Administrator (Remote Copy)
  • For the JavaScript Plug-in for Configuration Manager REST API and built-in Configuration Manager REST methods:
    • When all storage systems managed by a Configuration Manager REST API use the same credentials, create one connection. For example, when your environment uses a central repository, such as Active Directory, to manage credentials.
    • When each storage system managed by a Configuration Manager REST API uses different credentials, create a connection for each set of storage system credentials.