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 When Pentaho Server 9.2 Version will be released?

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Fran Curs posted 12-16-2020 09:41

Are there milestones set for the new version already ?

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Dobeslao Hern�ndez

Pentaho hasn't shine for strict release calendar. Also some announced features on roadmap never meet or get delayed for eternity (container execution? webspoon? enhanced AEL?).


Anyway we can try to predict anytime soon, my finger crossed for get a stable LTS version.


From Sourceforge - Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara [1]


Pentaho 9.22021-04-17? -- my trendy assumption

Pentaho 9.12020-09-25

Pentaho 9.02020-02-01

Pentaho 8.32019-07-10

Pentaho 8.22018-12-02

Pentaho 8.12018-05-15

Pentaho 8.02017-11-15


On maven tags we can see first branch tag "" was on "Aug 16, 2020" [2], and most recent tag "" was on "Feb 06, 2021" [3] (six months of active develoment so far ¬¬)


Github project [4] showns almost daily tags, something is baking... But unfourtunly there isn't any Release Candidate tag yet :(


So my best bet is for two or three months more since now. Hope i'm wrong and happy release is behind the corner 😁







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Stefan H.

9.0 and 9.1 are so buggy, they are basically unusable (9.0 does not open Transformations, 9.1 takes minutes to open mediuum complex Transformations). Despite everything I tried (and I tried a lot) it is impossible to compile the source on Windows 10, at least for me - and I can compile other maven projects just fine.


To me the project handling of the last years looks as if Hitachi deliberately hinders the Community Version, does unneccessary delays and postpones new versions to sell the business version. In addition to that: We thought about buying the Business Edition but got no pre-sales answer whatsoever from Hitachi. So we deduct that


a) Hitachi is not interested in new customers

b) The business support at Hitachi will be very bad, if they do not even answer pre-sales questions


... and it is not even clear if the showstopping bugs are fixed in 9.2.

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Gosforth Kubu

Yes, Pentaho has been doing its best to quickly disappear from the market. The community had a fantastic forum where new people could ask how to solve a problem (as well as advanced ones). They closed it. Instead, they built some bizarre website with no logic whatsoever. From PDI version 8 with each new version it gets worse and worse. Moreover, no changes have been made that would be really useful. For example, it still cannot completely cope with modern RESTs. There has never been a large amount of transformation and task management. Keep doing this and you will be history.