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 How to exam Sales FoundationHQT-1000 Exam?

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soly hun's profile image
soly hun posted 05-12-2020 07:46

Dear Sir/Madam


could you provide how to exam Sales Foundation

HQT-1000 Exam?


Abhishek Vachher's profile image
Abhishek Vachher

Go to :

Check the Training Material mentioned in the PDF Document

Download the PDF

Complete the study material and download the Presentation after completion of the couse(Will be provided once study material is completed - Automatically)

Login to your partner portal account

Click on the WebAccessor Link which is mentioned in the PDF.

Register for your exam.


@soly hun​ 

Martin Ros's profile image
Martin Ros

So I completed the online course SCC2560, but there are no downloadable materials... Where do I find these? I am looking for the student guide / presentation

Abhishek Vachher's profile image
Abhishek Vachher

Hi @Martin Ros​  Attached with is the document for your kind persual.