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 PMI - Engines unavailable (Python Scikit-Learn)

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Ingo Levin posted 04-12-2018 14:32

Hi, I am on Windows8.1 and have Miniconda3 installed with Python 3.6.

I can verify this on the command line.

C:\Program Files\pdi-ce-\data-integration>python -c "import sys; print (sys.executable);"

>> C:\Users\ingo\Miniconda3\python.exe

C:\Program Files\pdi-ce-\data-integration>python -V

>>Python 3.6.0 :: Continuum Analytics, Inc.

In it I have numpy, sklearn, pandas and matplotlib installed. They are on the list of returned modules when I run:

python -c "help(\"modules\")"

Yet, when I start PDI and try to use a PMI step, it throws an Error that Python Scikit-learn and R are not installed.

What am I doing wrong??


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David Huh

Can you try installing R packages as well?

Link to install doc for your reference:

Link to other references: "PMI Installation, Developer Guide and Sample/Demos"

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Kenneth Wood

Can you provide your environmental variables that you've defined for PMI? Also, how are you launching "spoon"?

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Mark Hall

Do you have scipy installed? PMI also requires this. You can run

python ~/wekafiles/packages/wekaPython/resources/py/


(Adapt the above for Windows with respect to pointing to your home directory and backslashes etc.).


This is what it checks for:

def check_libraries():


    isPython3 = sys.version_info >= (3, 0)

    if isPython3:

















If there is no output, then you should have all the required python libraries.




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Ingo Levin

This content was either too long or contained formatting that did not work with our migration. A PDF document is attached that contains the original representation


Hi Mark,the script returns the following:C:\Users\ingo>python wekafiles\packages\wekaPython\resources\py\>>A problem occurred when trying to import pandasSo, this clearly seems to be the cause of my problem.But the thing is,  I do have scipy and pandas correctly installed and I can import pandas without problems in an interactive python shell session for example...How can I troubleshoot this?I haven't set any specific env variables for a specific python home. It's just the one referenced in the system-wide %PATH%.  I have a few more other conda (python) environments, but that shouldn't matter as they are not in the PATHMy Full list of installed modules:>>help ("modules")Crypto              brain_stdlib        mmsystem            sspiIPython             builtins            modulefinder        sspiconOleFileIO_PL        bz2                 mpl_toolkits        statOpenSSL             cProfile            msilib              statisticsPIL                 calendar            msvcrt              storemagicPyQt5               certifi             multiprocessing     stringTBB                 cffi                nbconvert           stringprep__future__          cgi                 nbformat            struct_ast                cgitb               netbios             subprocess_asyncio            chardet             netrc               sunau_bisect             chunk               nntplib             symbol_blake2             clyent              notebook            sympyprinting_bootlocale         cmath               nt                  symtable_bz2                cmd                 ntpath              sys_cffi_backend       code                ntsecuritycon       sysconfig_codecs             codecs              nturl2path          tabnanny_codecs_cn          codeop              numbers             tarfile_codecs_hk          collections         numexpr             tbb_codecs_iso2022     colorama            numpy               telnetlib_codecs_jp          colorsys            numpydoc            tempfile_codecs_kr          commctrl            odbc                test_codecs_tw          compileall          olefile             test_path_collections        concurrent          opcode              test_pycosat_collections_abc    conda               operator            testpath_compat_pickle      conda_env           optparse            tests_compression        configparser        os                  textwrap_csv                contextlib          pandas              this_ctypes             copy                pandocfilters       threading_ctypes_test        copyreg             parser              time_datetime           crypt               path                timeit_decimal            cryptography        pathlib             timer_dummy_thread       csv                 pdb                 tkinter_elementtree        ctypes              pep8                token_functools          curses              perfmon             tokenize_hashlib            cwp                 pickle              tornado_heapq              cycler              pickleshare         trace_imp                cythonmagic         pickletools         traceback_io                 daal                pip                 tracemalloc_json               datetime            pipes               traitlets_license            dateutil            pkg_resources       tty_locale             dbi                 pkgutil             turtle_lsprof             dbm                 platform            turtledemo_lzma               dde                 plistlib            types_markupbase         decimal             poplib              typing_md5                decorator           posixpath           unicodedata_msi                difflib             pprint              unittest_multibytecodec     dis                 profile             untitled0_multiprocessing    distutils           prompt_toolkit      urllib_nsis               doctest             pstats              urllib3_opcode             docutils            psutil              uu_operator           dummy_threading     pty                 uuid_osx_support        easy_install        py_compile          venv_overlapped         email               pyasn1              warnings_pickle             encodings           pyclbr              wave_pydecimal          ensurepip           pycosat             wcwidth_pyio               entrypoints         pycparser           weakref_random             enum                pydoc               webbrowser_sha1               errno               pydoc_data          wheel_sha256             faulthandler        pyexpat             widgetsnbextension_sha3               filecmp             pyflakes            win2kras_sha512             fileinput           pygments            win32api_signal             fnmatch             pylab               win32clipboard_sitebuiltins       formatter           pylint              win32com_socket             fractions           pyparsing           win32con_sqlite3            ftplib              pythoncom           win32console_sre                functools           pytz                win32cred_ssl                gc                  pywin               win32crypt_stat               genericpath         pywin32_testutil    win32cryptcon_string             getopt              pywintypes          win32event_strptime           getpass             qtawesome           win32evtlog_struct             gettext             qtconsole           win32evtlogutil_symtable           glob                qtpy                win32file_system_path        gzip                queue               win32gui_testbuffer         hashlib             quopri              win32gui_struct_testcapi           heapq               random              win32help_testconsole        hmac                rasutil             win32inet_testimportmultiple html                re                  win32inetcon_testmultiphase     html5lib            regcheck            win32job_thread             http                regutil             win32lz_threading_local    idlelib             reprlib             win32net_tkinter            idna                requests            win32netcon_tracemalloc        imagesize           rlcompleter         win32pdh_warnings           imaplib             rmagic              win32pdhquery_weakref            imghdr              rope                win32pdhutil_weakrefset         imp                 ruamel_yaml         win32pipe_win32sysloader     importlib           run                 win32print_winapi             inspect             runpy               win32process_winxptheme         io                  sched               win32profileabc                 ipaddress           scipy               win32rasadodbapi            ipykernel           secrets             win32rcparserafxres              ipython_genutils    select              win32securityaifc                ipywidgets          selectors           win32servicealabaster           isapi               servicemanager      win32serviceutilanaconda_navigator  isort               setuptools          win32timezoneantigravity         itertools           shelve              win32traceargparse            jedi                shlex               win32traceutilarray               jinja2              shutil              win32transactionasn1crypto          json                signal              win32tsast                 jsonschema          simplegeneric       win32uiastroid             jupyter             sip                 win32uioleasynchat            jupyter_client      sipconfig           win32verstampasyncio             jupyter_console     sipdistutils        win32wnetasyncore            jupyter_core        site                win_inet_ptonatexit              keyword             six                 win_unicode_consoleaudioop             lazy_object_proxy   sklearn             winerrorautoreload          lib2to3             smtpd               winioctlconbabel               linecache           smtplib             winntbackports           locale              sndhdr              winperfbase64              logging             snowballstemmer     winregbdb                 lzma                socket              winsoundbinascii            macpath             socketserver        winxpguibinhex              macurl2path         socks               winxpthemebinstar_client      mailbox             sockshandler        wraptbisect              mailcap             sphinx              wsgirefbleach              markupsafe          spyder              xdrlibbrain_builtin_inference marshal             spyder_breakpoints  xmlbrain_dateutil      math                spyder_io_dcm       xmlrpcbrain_gi            matplotlib          spyder_io_hdf5      xxsubtypebrain_mechanize     menuinst            spyder_profiler     yamlbrain_nose          mimetypes           spyder_pylint       zipappbrain_numpy         mistune             sqlite3             zipfilebrain_pytest        mkl_fft             sre_compile         zipimportbrain_qt            mkl_random          sre_constants       zlibbrain_six           mmap                sre_parse           zmqbrain_ssl           mmapfile            sslEnter any module name to get more help.  Or, type "modules spam" to searchfor modules whose name or summary contain the string "spam".
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Ingo Levin

Hi Ken Wood, I haven't defined any specific env variables for PMI. I am not (yet) using R, so per the docs all I should need is my python executable available in the system path. which it is.

C:\Users\ingo>echo %PATH%

C:\Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin\;C:\Program Files\PHP\v7.0;C:\Program Files (

x86)\Intel\iCLS Client\;C:\Program Files\Intel\iCLS Client\;C:\ProgramData\Oracl


ws\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Manage

ment Engine Components\DAL;C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Com

ponents\DAL;C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\I

PT;C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\IPT;C:\Program F

iles (x86)\PuTTY\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Gartle\SaveToDB\;;C:\Android;C:\Users\i


\bin;C:\adb;C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL S

erver\Client SDK\ODBC\130\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Serve

r\140\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\Tools\Binn\;C:\Progr

am Files\Microsoft SQL Server\140\DTS\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL

Server\Client SDK\ODBC\130\Tools\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Ser

ver\140\DTS\Binn\;C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\140\Tools\Binn\Man



I am starting spoon via the shipped Spoon.bat. It's my local laptop, I'm just using the defaults and not setting explicit _PENTAHO_JAVA_HOME, KETTLE_HOME, etc.

Should I?

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Ingo Levin

No yet. Was about to try that when I ran out of time.

I think the issue with python is that pandas does not get imported correctly - see my comment to Mark Hall. Trying to get that sorted out first, then will get back onto R.

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Ingo Levin

Mark Hall

I found out why the pyCheck script is throwing the error 'A problem occurred when trying to import pandas'.

My installed pandas version is  0.22.0+0.ga00154d.dirty which is later than the required min version 0.7.0

FYI - I am using the Intel Python distro for the faster performance, not the standard Anaconda channel.

The problem is that the pyCheck script is essentially comparing the len(__version__.split('.')) of both version strings and if they dont have the same lenght, it will immediately throw said error.


Out[13]: 5



Out[14]: 3

I think this is a bug in the pyCheck script.

I have 0.22.x installed which satisfies the min requirement 0.7.0, so there should not be an error.


I commented out these two rows in the script. Now the python scikit-learn engine is avaible when I start PDI.

def check_min_pandas():

    min_pandas = pandas_version_min.split('.')


        import pandas

        actual_pandas = pandas.__version__.split('.')

#        if len(actual_pandas) is not len(min_pandas):

#            raise Exception()

        result = check_min_version(min_pandas, actual_pandas)

        if result:


                'Installed pandas does not meet the minimum requirement: version ' + pandas_version_min)


        append_to_results('A problem occurred when trying to import pandas')

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Mark Hall

Cool! Thanks Ingo. I'll incorporate this fix into the next release of the wekaPython package and the PDI CPython script executor step.



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Data Conversion
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