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 Analysis scheme not found when creating new Analysis report

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Anouk Beelen posted 07-25-2019 10:04

With the Managing Data sources I imported a mondrian xml Analysis scheme, however the scheme and it's cubes did not show up when I wanted to create a new Analysis report. I exported my correctly working analysis scheme, made some edits and imported it with connection to database in the same manner as for the current analysis scheme but this new scheme is not showing up, why?

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Johan Hammink

Are you sure the the mondrian xml is correct?

Did you refresh the "Mondrian Schema Cache" in the Pentaho server?

Talking about Analysis Report, you are working with the Enterprise Edition. So you are a customer of Pentaho and can also ask the Pentaho support

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David da Guia Carvalho

Can you follow the log (catalina.out and pentaho.log) during the process of import the schema and in the "refresh"?