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Troy Myers posted 05-19-2018 19:46
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Troy Myers

We have created a new stage webex demo for application retirement and data merging.  We have had this come up multiple times were customers either have an index of old data and objects that need to add custom metadata to them or they merge them.  Below is the Power point overview along with the Webex of the end results. 

app retirement and index merging with HCI.pptx

Comic book app and index retirement with HCI-20180529 1644-1.mp4

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Troy Myers

We created the start of a PII workflow we will also load this in the halo lab.  For testing.  The attached Webex is 6 minutes and shows the index, regex for SSN, Visa and Amex credit cards along with a Custom Stage Jon Hock created for Canadian SIN that uses the LUHN algorithm to validate the data.  Below is the Webex, workflow to include pipeline and index and the package with the custom stage.

PII with HCI




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Audrius Saulenas

I can't access the files using the links in the main message (unauthorized), but it works fine with the links in replies.

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Troy Myers

The ability to Index and search Splunk Frozen data is a huge game changer we have created this webex as the Second part of the HCI Content Intelligence with Splunk.  We were able to open the Splunk files and do a search/ index  of the Cold to Frozen data that is stored on HCP.  In the first Webex we showed moving the data form Splunk and adding custom metadata.

HCI Splunk Demo with search index -20180618 1921-1 - edited MP.mp4

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Troy Myers

I am looking at the security settings of the files.


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Lothar Schubert

Very helpful, thanks.

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Benjamin Clifford
@Troy Myers, these links are all broken. Any chance you can repost the videos or fix the links?​