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 Retrieve HCP Storage Pool capacity details through SNMP OIDs or Management API?

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Sumit Kulkarni posted 06-19-2020 12:13

Hi Team,


As you can see in below screenshot, the storage pool capacity details are available on Management Console along with underlying volumes count. However, i would like to fetch these details using SNMP OIDs or Management API.


I have also checked the mib.txt file but could not found pool capacity details in it. It only has following details -


HcpStoragePoolTableEntry ::=


      storagePoolIndex         Integer32,

      storagePoolName         DisplayString,

      storagePoolType         DisplayString,

      storagePoolStatus        INTEGER,

      storagePoolCompression      INTEGER,

      storagePoolEncryption      INTEGER,

      storagePoolContentVerification  INTEGER



Can you please help me on how can I get these values through SNMP OIDs or Management API?


Thanks in advance.



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Daniel Kleeman

Have you looked at HiCommandCLI? This will retrieve these details.