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 Using HCP mgmt IP to add as a source to HCM

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Wei Hwa Chan's profile image
Wei Hwa Chan posted 07-29-2019 15:19


I've a HCP setup with mgmt network, with SNMP, MAPI and syslog service moved to the mgmt IP.

This is the issue - Adding a new source in HCM using the HCP mgmt IP gives me the error below.

It went well after I removed the mgmt IP in HCP and add using the HCP system IP.

Does HCM supports monitoring of HCP through the mgmt IP? If it is supported, any idea what could be wrong with my configuration? Thanks.


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Jared Cohen

Hi Derrence,

HCM does not fully support monitoring HCP using only an IP address.

As per our documentation on the adding sources page:

HCP System to Monitor

The fully-qualified domain name of the HCP system to monitor.

Note: If you don't specify the fully-qualified domain name for your HCP system, HCM may be able to collect data from some signals, but not all.

Hope this helps,