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 Why Pentaho integration tool is acting differently in Mac?

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Shawn Aslam posted 04-15-2021 11:41

After spending lot of time Im able to install Pentaho integration tool ( Spoon ) on Mac airbook. Now what happened is when its loaded then can't read the labels until click on them. Screen shot is attached for the reference. any help in this regard is very help.

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Sergio Ribeiro

Hello @Shawn Aslam​,


If you use the search bar and look for "mac" or "big sur", you'll have a few posts on this problem and some solutions.

Different users report different solutions but you may check:

  • swt library version
  • JDK (Java 8, preferably under 242 version)
  • avoid dark mode




Sérgio Ribeiro

Porto - Portugal



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Dagoberto Gomez Jimenez
Hi Shawn.

In my expirence; this problems resolved with set the recommend version of JAVA for your pentaho tools (in this case, provide by Oracle not sure with openjdk).

I use MacOS (Monterey 12.3.1) with Pentaho Tools 9.1 and JRE (jre-8u261-linux-x64.tar.gz).