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 Unable to start HORCM instance using IPCMD device

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Raghu P posted 08-11-2020 18:30

Hi All,


I am unable to start HORCM instance while using IPCMD device

Unable to telnet the UDP ports from server to SVP even though we are able to configure HORCM (using IP CMD) for other arrays which were in same VLAN..

 There were no firewall blocking.


[root@Test ~]:/etc # cat horcm12.conf


#ip_address    service     poll(10ms)   timeout(10ms)

localhost  11086      1000      3000



#dev_name        dev_name        dev_name




[root@Test ~]:/etc # telnet 10.142.441.773 31001

Trying 10.142.441.773...

telnet: connect to address 10.142.441.773: Connection refused

[root@Test ~]:/etc # telnet 10.142.441.773 31002

Trying 10.142.441.773...

telnet: connect to address 10.142.441.773: Connection refused

[root@Test ~]:/etc #





COMMAND ERROR : EUserId for HORC[86] : root (0) Thu Aug 6 14:57:52 2020

CMDLINE : /usr/bin/horcctl -S

*********** SYSTEM ERROR ***********

P.P.  : RAID Manager for Linux

Model : RAID-Manager/Linux

Ver&Rev: 01-43-03/01

Release: Production(GA)


  Host: [root@Test ~]

EUserId: root (0)

Process: 34846


[System Call Error]

SysCall: bind

Errorno: 2 (No such file or directory)

ErrInfo: Internal Error

ErrTime: Thu Aug 6 14:57:52 2020

SrcFile: shorcmc.c

SrcLine: 744


14:57:52-ceb92-00034846- 34846:HORCM death detected

14:57:55-9ea95-00034846- ERROR:cm_open[scmclcon() timeout_err]

14:57:55-9eb4c-00034846- ERROR:horcm_lep_create

14:57:55-9ebd1-00034846- [horcctl][exit(251)]

[EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager

[Cause ]:Couldn't connect with the HORC manager.

[Action]:Please check if HORC manager is running or if HORCMINST is set correctly.




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Roberto Seldner

not sure what the issue is (haven't had a chance to scrutinize your output), but I just want to note that you cannot use telnet to test UDP. Telnet is strictly TCP. So you should disregard your telnet test results.


Edit: Also, did you modify the IP address to obfuscate the SVP's actual IP for purposes of this post? Because 10.142.441.773 is not a valid IP address. The third and fourth octets are not possible.


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Raghu P

IP address has been modified. I have tried telnet to test UDP for another storage and there was no issue (both arrays were on same vlan)

Not sure what issue is and working with support on this.