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 How to speed up syncing to HCP AnyWhere client v4.2.101?

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C K posted 06-27-2020 23:56

Are there any tricks to make HCPAW client sync faster?


I'm on a Windows 10 computer using a HCPAW client, syncing to my PC about 170GB (about 200,000 files) residing on the HCPAW server. 


The syncing was painfully slow at something like 10 files per minute. It doesn't seem like file size was the reason because each file's size was less than 10KB. I observed this via the FILE SYNC STATUS window of the HCPAW Windows client program.


- Upon restarting the HCPAW client, the sync is fast for about 30 seconds but reverts to being ultra slow thereafter.


- I don't believe it's a network speed issue as I'm on a 1GB LAN with the HCP server. And tests of downloads on the LAN show expected speeds of > 10MBytes/s


Any ideas?





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