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 A new formula for calculator Step

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David Marlow posted 08-30-2018 23:59

I was making a parser for a html file with spoon. I ended up with rows that were consecutive, in this case 5  to get one "Record" the only way I figured out to combine these rows ( no common keys ) was to do a sequence 4-0 in one field [Index] and use the row number in another field [Row-Number] and to put a divisor in a 3rd field [Divisor]. Given the formula ([Row-Number]+[Index])/[Divisor] into field [Record] as integer to get a common key.

So to make a long story longer I was trying to use the Calculator step but in all those formulas there is not an  (a+b)/c formula ( or some other variation ) . I ended up just using the formula step but it occurred to me that that would be one for the calculator step.

FEEDBACK: Consider adding the formula (A+B)/C to the Calculator in Spoon

Where do you actually do feedback anymore ? Didn't there used to be "Feedback" button somewhere?


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Dan Keeley

Raise that as an improvement at

I think at some point they had decided to stop adding calculator steps as it was getting unmanageable, but that seems as reasonable as any!

Certainly using the formula step instead is reasonable too.