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 Initial HUR setup , SVOLs not being picked up bt replication manager

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Gary Matthews posted 11-19-2019 15:17

We’ve installed a new G1500 and are trying to set up a 3DC replication through replication manager 


The three boxes involved are

DC1G1500 , DC3G1500 and DC2VSP . Originally replication was running DC1G1500->DC2VSP

Extended disaster recovery licenses have been applied to all , and journal groups have been created with 3DC capability. The DC1G1500 AND DC2VSP are managed by HCS on our SAN07 server and the DC3G1500 is managed by HCS on our SAN08 server . SAN08 has been configured as an information source on the SAN07 replication manager, and the DC3G1500 configuration has been successfully imported. SAN07 is on HCS 8.6 and SAN08 is on HCS 8.7

Replication set up is being configured by replication manage on SAN07 , 

I want to set up DC3G1500<-DC1G1500->DC2VSP

So for unpaired volumes on the DC1G1500 31:1F, 31:20 & 31:21  

The equivalent volumes are available on the DC3G1500 and the DC2VSP

So selecting the DC1G1500 LUNs and going into pair management and creating a new HUR group - selecting the DC3G1500 as the secondary comes up as no volumes avalable but if I select the DC2VSp I get a selection. We need to set up the DC3G1500 as the first mirror .

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Gary Matthews

Just an update , turns out 3DC HUR isnt supported by replication manger