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 Ops center no login because of using no fqdn name internally

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Axel Mueller posted 03-27-2020 10:13

Hi we installed ops center as described in installation guide. after thet we try to acces via https://fqdn-name-of-host:443/portal


Ok, no trusted certificate..go on. He redirects to.. see screenshot.






Not the fqdn is used..only the host name. This cant work..


if i replace the hostname with fqdn there a login screen is displayed. But after login the next site use no fqdn also and fails :(


Any Help?


And no, i cant set the fqdn hostname in the opsvmsetup setup tool, only the hostname is allowed



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Wenchang Tan

Hi Axel, what version of Ops Center are you using? Thanks.

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Ramanuja Dore

check this file :

view  /var/opt/hitachi/CommonService/userconf/ to see if you have IP address instead of hostname ... if not run the follwing command


/opt/hitachi/CommonService/utility/bin/ -h hostname


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Axel Mueller


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Axel Mueller

Hi, yes i found that script by myself, but hey, this seems to be an huge installation bug i think. And the result of this is, that all services which are installed with Opc Center will not work also because of using the hostname instead of FQDN. I have to reregister them in a complicated way.. sorry this is all bad :(

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Chintan Patel

Hi, I did above but the DPM and automation director connections were not updated to use the name and so it broke the setup. when i click on launcher--> and then DPM or automation director it will prompt for login again and then redirect URL to an invalid address,

what other way to bring all of the services to use fqdn?