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 Can we temporarily enlarge and later shrink HUR journal volumes without resync ?

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Frank van Iersel posted 10-01-2020 20:18

We run into HUR journal overflow issues when migrating larger vm's to our new F370 arrays.

Our standard Data LUN size for ESX is 4 TB with a HUR journal size of 150 GB. One volume per consistency group.

We want to do live migrations using VMware storage vmotion where we instantly create our dr copy on our dr site.

This runs fine in our setting for vm's up to about 500 GB provisioned space.

We know we can use a suspend / resync scenario but would be out of a disaster copy during resync (that can take quite some time . . . )

The idea of creating (very) large journal volumes (that are NOT deduped) would cost us terabytes of journal volume storage that we don't need after the migration is completed.

In between sites we switched from fiber channel to iSCSI links over 10 Gbit eth. links

Q: can we temporarily enlarge and later shrink the journal volumes without having to do a resync ?

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Roberto Seldner

Generally speaking, you cannot shrink a volume. I believe you would have to delete and recreate the journal volume(s).