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 Hi , We are trying to configure SRM. HORCM and SRA has been set.. pairdisplay and other are working. Array pair are also detecting and instances were added to SRM. but when a test plan is initiated.. it is failing with the below error,

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Sandosh Nagarajan posted 10-22-2020 20:00

Failed to create snapshots of replica devices. Failed to create snapshot of replica device 735. SRA command 'testFailoverStart' failed for device '735'. The pair status of a source/target volume specified with an operation is inappropriate status ('SMPL'). Confirm if volume status is appropriate status (TC is 'PVOL' and 'PAIR/COPY') using the pairdisplay command.


Note : we haven't set any MU# in the horcm config files


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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen



Are you using the HDID(Protector) SRM adapter? It really helps with the setup and visibility on whats happening.

Feel free to check it out on the knowledge dot hitachivantara dot com.

I'll update the post with the link so that once approved you'll have a direct link to the setup guide.