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 How to consume API in Pentaho report designer?

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Bhargavi Gali's profile image
Bhargavi Gali posted 05-15-2020 07:41

Hi Everyone,


Can someone help me with any document\steps on how to consume API in Pentaho Report Designer.




Marko Kuefer's profile image
Marko Kuefer

Hi Bhargavi,


I am watching for the same.


I managed to import their example project in IntelliJ but I am stuck at the point to run there given examples. Most probably just a setting/configuration issue in the IDE.

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Brandon Jackson

I think the easiest approach for doing this inside Pentaho Report Designer is to use a Pentaho Data Integration transformation as a datasource. You simply create a KTR that calls the REST endpoint you want; JSON Input Step to extract the answers, and shape up the results so they are in a table like format and run it into a dummy step called "output". Then you copy that ktr file next to your prpt report and create a datasource pointing at the file and particular output step and viola. You are off to the races.