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 Script to create a large number of shares on HNAS 5000 series cluster

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George Done posted 02-24-2022 09:01
I am deploying an HNAS 5200 2-node cluster at a customer new to Hitachi NAS. They need to create about 80 CIFS shares and start migrating from NetApp and severla Windows  servers. they would like to create those shares using a script and an associated .csv file or similar  with something like

share_name, filesystem_name, vvol, quota_values, owner, etc

I was wondering if anyone have some script which could be used (with modifications) for such purpose.
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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen
Hello George

Have a look at our Knowledge base here, I believe you can do this with a quick shell, PowerShell or python script. 

I have some colleagues like @Johann du Toit that might have some specific examples for you.
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Albert Hagopian
You would have to look at the API for how it creates shares, etc - as it doing what is requested will take multiple calls.

Internally within our QA/dev team, we do not have anything available to fulfill this request.
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Tammy Waldschmidt
Hi George,

Did you happen to get/create a script to do this?
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George Done

Hi Tammy,
In the end I did not create really a script but an Excel file which was constructing in the last column the right command based on the other columns. Then I could just copy the content of the last column and paste it to the HNAS command line, simiilar with info below.

EVS EVS ID EVS_Share EVS_Share_Fullpath FileSytem EVS_Volume COMMAND_ViVOl Command_CIFS_SHARE
glpdstghnas1 1 AccentureMOFS \\glpdstghnas1\AccentureMOFS FS1 /AccentureMOFS  virtual-volume add  -e fs1 AccentureMOFS /AccentureMOFS cifs-share add -e AccentureMOFS FS1 \AccentureMOFS
glpdstghnas1 1 archive \\glpdstghnas1\archive FS1 /archive  virtual-volume add  -e fs1 archive /archive cifs-share add -e archive FS1 \archive
glpdstghnas1 1 eupdvwapp093 \\glpdstghnas1\eupdvwapp093 FS1 /eupdvwapp093  virtual-volume add  -e fs1 eupdvwapp093 /eupdvwapp093 cifs-share add -e eupdvwapp093 FS1 \eupdvwapp093
glpdstghnas1 1 eupdvwapp093_3 \\glpdstghnas1\eupdvwapp093_3 FS1 /eupdvwapp093_3  virtual-volume add  -e fs1 eupdvwapp093_3 /eupdvwapp093_3 cifs-share add -e eupdvwapp093_3 FS1 \eupdvwapp093_3
glpdstghnas1 1 eupdvwapp099 \\glpdstghnas1\eupdvwapp099 FS1 /eupdvwapp099  virtual-volume add  -e fs1 eupdvwapp099 /eupdvwapp099 cifs-share add -e eupdvwapp099 FS1 \eupdvwapp099