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 Hi all,I have a rack with a Hitachi Primary Controller Chassis model DKC710I-CBXA. When powering on, Ready LED does not light up. Also when logging into Hitachi Storage Navigator, it gives a network error. Screenshots attached. Please help.

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Abdullah Lababidi posted 07-16-2020 17:26

Entering SVP Maintenance menu, it gives several connection errors, and shows a warning at DKC-0, screenshots attached. Selecting DKC-0 Back, the SSVPMN0 is flashing. I tried replacing it with a spare module that I have, but it gives the same warning.

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William Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen



It looks like the SVP started but not the array. I would suggest you log a support call so an engineer can help you resolve the issue.

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Roberto Seldner

The subsystem is offline. Is the red Alarm light on? Did you simply pull out the old SVP and insert the spare, or was the appropriate maintenance procedure followed? These types of issues are typically too complex to troubleshoot via the forum (the configuration needs to be known, SIMRCs and SSBs need to be reviewed, etc.), and the recovery procedures involve proprietary/internal information that would not get posted on here anyhow. As William suggested, you will need the assistance from a HV's support or ASP.

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Abdullah Lababidi

Hi Roberto,

Yes Alarm LED is on. When replacing the the SSVPMN0, I powered down the whole rack and then replaced it, then powered the system back on, but with the same failure/result. I couldn't get HV's support since its a second hand system.