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Thomas Massano posted 06-23-2018 13:02

How can I tell what is consuming capacity on my HCI / HCM?

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Thomas Massano

To see what each service is consuming go to:

Home > Monitoring > Dashboard > Services

You can see the disk used by each service


In this example, the Message-Queue is consuming 2.2TB, which is suspicious.

Further HCM investigations revealed that this HCM is undersized and cannot keep up with the HCP logs it is ingesting.

If left in its current state it will fill up the disk.

The first course of action is to procure more nodes so that HCM can ingest the HCP logs in a timely manner.

In the meantime, we can also reduce the amount of days these logs are retained.

To change the Monitor-App settings

Home > System Configuration > Services > Manage Services > Monitor-App

Next > Configure > Next > Settings

Under System Message Queue Settings

Change Retention days = 7