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 Pentaho Static Report using Json through Rest Point

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Marek Tomko posted 05-10-2021 20:09

Hi everyone,


I created Static report by using Report Designer.

We use PDI transformation file to retrieve JSON through the Rest Client.


This is how it should work:


You open the report on Pentaho Server

You enter the year as a parameter

Year parameter will be used in Rest Point URL.

You will receive results in JSON format for the required year through the Rest Point

Pentaho report will display results


See attached:


PDI transformation file for Rest Service connection

PRPT report


The challenge here is:

HOW to pass Year parameter from PRPT report to Transformation, to be able to get correct results for required Year.


Maybe the question here is also:

Is this correct approach how to deal with Pentaho Report and Rest Service?

Can it be done this way? Passing parameter from Pentaho Report to Kettle transformation?

Or it should be done differently?

What is the best practice here?


Please advise.


Thank you and kind regards,



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Marek Tomko

I'm sorry that a I have to say this, but I got a feeling in general that Pentaho is dead tool. Especially when I compare it to other ones with much better community support. I see many questions here without answers.