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 Where is the community edition downloads?

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jindrich cervenak posted 05-15-2019 13:08


sorry to ask here, but I cannot understand why is so hard to find community edition instalation files???

Could anybody give me how to find it please?

BI, PDI, PRD, ... etc

thank you


David da Guia Carvalho's profile image
David da Guia Carvalho
jindrich cervenak's profile image
jindrich cervenak

Thank you David,

I found the links you provide me Downloads  but it is not working using Opera see picture below. The SourceForge links I found only with google, because it was not possible to find it on pentaho pages.

Is it really problem to put big green download button like other open source project has?


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Dan Keeley

just ignore the vantara marketing links and go to sourceforge.