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    Posted 21 days ago
    Hi everyone,
    I'm David Livingston at Instant Brands.  I'm our UNIX (Solaris), Linux (Red Hat), and VMware administrator, and also administer storage for all those and Windows.  Storage mainly means a VSP F600 on an FC SAN, and we also have a small Netapp unit for NFS and CIFS shares.  I've been in this position for almost ten years, taking on primary responsibility for VMware three years ago.

    Before my current position, I was a presales SE and hands-on consultant at a reseller and services company.  That position involved a lot of Sun server and storage sales, installations, and migrations, data backup projects, and contract system and backup admin.  I also led a project to implement vSphere 3.5 with an HDS AMS 1000, with Veritas NetBackup doing VCB backups, which was a complete new server infrastructure for a regional newspaper.  A fun moment in the project was getting two OpenVMS servers working with the HDS array over FC.  The OpenVMS consultant didn't know FC, and I didn't know OpenVMS, but with us two together, we had it working in a half-hour!

    In my even-earlier life I worked in aerodynamics of commercial airliners.  Having been laid off from that, I became a presales SE for CAD software and eventually transitioned into IT.

    Hello again! I hope this new community gets high participation.


    David Livingston [Designation]
    IT Support Manager
    Corelle Brands Holdings Inc.