Amy Hodler

Fostering Student Employability – Inspiration Well Worth the Award

Blog Post created by Amy Hodler Employee on Nov 11, 2015


Our APAC team has been very active in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs this last year: women leadership development in Bangalore; volunteer days in several metropolitan areas; Hitachi Foundation Day lectures; and working with corporate to develop global CSR training modules.  And we’re very proud of our India colleagues for recently receiving a regional 2015 Hitachi Inspiration of the Year Award.


Several teams in India have been working with the Confederation of Indian Industries on initiatives that range from affirmative action to supplier diversity. Recognized with the Hitachi Inspiration Award was an in-depth program to foster the employability of students in mechanical engineering.



This pilot student employability program had HDS and government funding to help design and provide training that included 2 different CAD certifications. Several colleges and universities participated in the program to generate 110 initial candidates with 15 underprivileged students selected. These students also took advantage of mentorship opportunities available through industry and event visits, industry guest lectures, and placement assistance.  So far over half the students have found placement and several more have pending interviews.


Their outstanding results reflect the effort the HDS team took to develop a project with focus on tactical socio-economic results as well as coordinate with Hitachi groups, universities, recruiters, and regional businesses.  We look forward to hearing how the program grows with their goal to eliminate disconnects between academic programs and industry needs.  Well Done!