HiTalk Customer Q&A: Corvinus University of Budapest

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Leading university manages expanding data with Hitachi solutions.


More universities and education facilities face ever-increasing data growth, as new students expect high performance and 24/7 access as a basic requirement.  We asked Corvinus University of Budapest, Chief Information Officer, János Mogyorósi to share his views on data management.


Q. What challenges were you facing as a result of rapid data growth?

A. “Corvinus defines itself as a research university, oriented towards education.  All research institutions and education institutions collect massive amounts of data – and we are both so our data growth is twice as large.  With over 14,000 students and 15,000 users of our systems at any one time, we had increasing amounts of data to manage. Each incoming year of students means more data, and with every passing year there is increase in expectations of IT performance and data availability.”


“Additionally, there were a growing number of required services competing for the same resources (especially random IO – email, databases, home directories).  This led to a ‘slow-down’ on every service.  Plus the backup window limited the amount of data we could provide.  It was clear to us that the aging storage hardware had to be replaced.”



Q. Why Choose Hitachi?

A. “We had worked with Hitachi before and felt confident in their solutions.  To increase speed and performance, we chose their hybrid flash solution with automatic tiering.  This allows us to manage and tier data as needed while maintaining costs.  We migrated the data ourselves, but throughout the process we got great support from Hitachi and their partner, Invigor.”



Q. What other outcomes have you seen?

A.” Since implementation of the Hitachi Flash solution, we have been able to significantly reduce backup time.  This reduced backup window allows us to offer more disk space to our end-users. Plus, with the new solution, we have freed up time and can now focus on other projects.”


Customer Bio

János Mogyorósi

Chief Information Officer

Corvinus University of Budapest


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