Brianne Yoshimoto

Spin Master Makes a Play for Digitally Transforming the Toy Business

Blog Post created by Brianne Yoshimoto Employee on Aug 3, 2017

It seems that everything we do today begins and ends with data. And, we’re all in it together.  Let me share one of my favorite examples of a company who has made great strides transforming its business with data.


Who doesn’t want to have fun on the job? For one successful company, fun is the job.


Canadian-based Spin Master is in the business of making toys that “wow” kids and parents. Many of us grew up with an Etch A Sketch to help artistically pass the time on those long car rides in the back seat with annoying siblings, right? And, kids the world over love Zoomer Dino and PAW Patrol. Spin Master has a TV and media division that brings many of its characters to life on the small screen. Today, Spin Master is one of the largest toy companies with happy customers and distribution in 160 countries.


What’s not so fun is spending too much time and money running a toy company. While business growth is good, unmanageable data growth is not so good. Spin Master is firmly focused on innovation, but has had to contend with recent mergers, acquisitions and industry trends, which hampered abilities to make data-driven decisions quickly.


With fast growth and so many changes, the data landscape at Spin Master was starting to resemble the floor after playtime — scattered with a sense of chaos.


Data-intensive processes and web-based analytics happen across time zones, and searches, some of which as those related to litigation task, can take thousands of hours for a single case. From customer data and product development to point of sale (POS) systems and application development, Spin Master wanted a holistic approach to managing its digital enterprise.


Pravine Balkaran is the global head of IT for Spin Master. He spoke to us about his vision for doing just that. “IT must move at the speed of the business, and that means capturing and using data streams from every avenue. The business strategically looks at market data, what competitors are doing and potential acquisitions. We look to build the right IT foundation with the right partners and tools to capitalize on disparate data streams.”


So, how does this playmaker orchestrate a digital transformation as its customer base, the industry and the data landscape continually evolve? Make a play date with Hitachi.


We worked with the Spin Master team to develop a cohesive data analytics ecosystem based on Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA. The solution delivered everything Spin Master needs to unify, manage, govern and analyze across datasets for accelerated productivity. Balkaran expressed his appreciation for our commitment to Spin Master’s success. “We gained nimble end-to-end integration and accelerated how we process jobs and provide service across time zones. We automated and standardized core procedures. And, we have a trust factor with Hitachi. The knowledge and willingness of Hitachi folks to listen and help us devise a plan that addresses any challenge we might encounter — that is what a partnership is all about.”


We love the synergy: Spin Master builds great things and delights its customers. We like to think we do the same thing.


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