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Ahead of the launch of our Transformation Award finalist video’s at Hitachi NEXT 2017 (18-20 Sept), we are sharing some behind the scenes images, screen shots and facts about our finalists. 


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Over the past 100 years, CPFL Energia has become a complete energy company, with businesses in distribution, generation, commercialization of electricity and services.



CPFL was founded in 1912  (making them 2 years younger than Hitachi).  Today, they are considered one of the largest companies in the Brazilian electric sector with over 9.1 million customers.



To celebrate 100 years, CPFL launched the The CPFL Digital Memory Project.  This is an unprecedented project to commemorate the 100 years of our history, recording the company's trajectory from first-hand testimonials. Learn more at:



CPFL HQ is based in in São Paulo State - with more than 45 million inhabitants in 2017, São Paulo is the most populous Brazilian state.  A person born in the city of São Paulo is known as a "Paulistano" and one who is born in the state is called a Paulista. 

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