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SFS Group manufactures mechanical fastening systems and precision-formed components, employing over 8,000 people worldwide with sites across Europe, North America and Asia.


Patrick Bichler, the Head of Infrastructure, Corporate IT at SFS Group shared on implementing a back-up solution for mission-critical business applications.


Challenge – Business Continuity

“We rely on our 20 mission-critical SAP applications running around the clock.  If our core business applications were to go down unexpectedly, the impact would be huge.  We wanted to be able to restore data from our SAP applications as quickly as possible, to ensure business continuity.”


Why Hitachi

“Previously we used IBM and NetApp technologies for data protection.  With HDPS [Hitachi Data Protection Suite], we gained a single solution that delivers all the capabilities we need, enabling us to harmonize processes across the company.”





“Instead of having to monitor different administration consoles, we now have a single tool, enabling us to spend 20% less time of data protection management.  What’s more, we’ve been able to fully automate backup policies using HDPS, so we need to worry about scheduling or running back-up jobs, even when deploying new systems from scratch.”



“We have demanding recovery time objectives, and in the event of disaster we must be able to restore any SAP system within one hour.  With the HDPS solution, we can recover even our mission-critical databases in just eight minutes using the IntelliSnap revert feature.”


From: SFS Group Implements Hitachi Data Protection Suite to Back Up, Restore and Rapidly Recover Mission-Critical Business Applications.  For Full Case Study Click Here.

GRZ IT Center specializes in providing IT services for leading regional banks in Austria.  Daniel Eckerstorfer, System Engineer at GRZ IT Center, recently spoke with Hitachi Vantara about creating a private cloud than could compete with their public cloud competitors.


For Full Case Study Click Here


Moving to a Private Cloud

“Companies increasingly migrate workloads from their own data centers into the cloud. It has become commonplace that customers expect pricing for on-premises solutions to match offerings by cloud providers.  To see off this fresh wave of competition, we set out to offer high-quality and high-performance IT services to our banking clients for the same price as established public cloud platforms, and with enhanced security and control.”



Why Hitachi

“We looked at proposals from several leading vendors,” recalls Eckerstorfer. “Ultimately, we decided to go with Hitachi because the solution represented superb value for money.  In the past, we have had excellent experience working with Hitachi, so we knew we could count on them. For support during the implementation, we engaged with the services team and they provided excellent solution deployment skills.”


Maintaining a Competitive Edge

“In total, the Hitachi solution has enabled us to cut costs by over two thirds and match the price of public cloud storage, such as Microsoft Azure. By offering top-quality IT services at competitive prices, we can satisfy our customers’ expectations.”



Excerpts From GRZ IT Center Gains Private Cloud Security and Control at Public Cloud Prices.  For full story Click Here