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Spin Master Builds Promotion Powerhouse

Blog Post created by Kendra Walsh Employee on Dec 20, 2017


Since introducing its first product in 1994, Toronto-based Spin Master has grown to be one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers and a children’s entertainment powerhouse. This success is no accident.

Spin Master’s explosive growth has been fuelled by innovation, mergers and acquisitions, evergreen brands and business expansion. Knowing that digital transformation was essential to supporting sustained growth, Spin Master engaged Hitachi to create a digital transformation foundation that included a cohesive data analytics environment.


With all of this success, what’s next?


For Spin Master, being promoted as a thought leader in the entertainment industry opens the door to other opportunities to fulfill its mission to push the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and fun. Using its digital transformation success to drive advantages in the marketplace is an enviable story – one that other business leaders want to learn more about.


Here's the path Spin Master followed to share its story, the recognition it received along the way, and the value it accumulated from the journey.


1) Networking Opportunities

It started with speaking engagements at industry events where Spin Master shared experiences with peers:

  • At the Hitachi Strategy Summit 2016, Pravine Balkaran, global head of IT at Spin Master Spin was interviewed on stage.
  • At SAPPHIRE 2017, Balkaran delivered the session “Delivering Toys at the Speed of Fun With SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization and SAP HANA.”


2) Gaining Visibility

These activities led to the appearance of their story in online articles:

  • “Hitachi Helps Spin Master Make a Play for Digitally Transforming Business With an Innovative Data Strategy.” Read the case study.
  • Spin Master Makes a Play for Digitally Transforming the Toy Business.” Review the infographic.


3) Being Recognized

With the new visibility, Spin Master found promotions coming its way. Catching the attention of the judges of the Hitachi Transformation Award lead to a video submission, a breakout session at NEXT 2017, and social media exposure:

  • At Hitachi Next 2017, Spin Master was recognized as a finalist for the Hitachi 2017 Transformation Award. Watch the video.
  • It received mention in the Peter Gerr blog, “Data is the new Gold. Are You Protesting Yours?” Read the blog.
  • A “Meet the Finalists – Spin Master” blog featured photos to help tell its success story. See the photos.
  • A Hitachi Customer Voices blog wrote about how Spin Master transformed its business with data. Read it now
  • A prominent mention in “Jump Start your Digital Transformation with Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA Platform.” Read the article
  • And then there are tweets such as the photo of Pravine Balkaran speaking at the Hitachi Strategy Summit 2016 and the graphic about challenges and global innovation.

Transformation Awards-008.jpg

Most recently, Spin Master is featured in a webcast entitled “Digital Transformation Achieved – Spin Master Shares Their Journey.” Find the webcast.


4) Inspiring Others

By inspiring other businesses through sharing digital transformation best practices, Spin Master is developing strong partnerships that foster shared successes and further build its brand awareness. Done right, promotion can be a win-win game for everyone involved.

SpinMaster 2.png

5) Motivating Its Team

Publicly announcing successful project outcomes is an easy and effective way to promote awareness of your team’s efforts, reinforce the value of team members and motivate employees to contribute more to your organization’s success. Spin Master has given its successful team the recognition it deserves, and they use their motivation to drive for results.


Hitachi Customer Advocacy Program


At Hitachi Vantara, we’re here to help companies like Spin Master achieve the recognition they deserve with a customer advocacy program that is much more than case studies about successful technology implementations. We created this Hitachi Customer Voices community to allow innovators to share experiences, gain knowledge, build brand awareness in the global business community – and learn from like-minded people at other enterprises.


Are you interested in submitting your company for this level of recognition? Like most enterprises, you have a unique story to tell. We’ve helped many companies gain positive brand exposure with informative case studies, videos and infographics – and we can do the same for your organization. Maybe your company will grace these pages one day. Nothing would make us happier.


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