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Reduced management time, restore and rapidly recover mission-critical business applications, 24/7 business continuity, faster backups..



See how Hitachi Customers across different industries protect their data with Hitachi Data Protection solutions



SFS Group Solves Business Continuity Challenges with Hitachi

Read how manufacturer, SFS Implemented Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by Commvault to backup, restore and rapidly recover mission-critical business applications.


With HDPS, we gained a single solution that delivers all the capabilities we need, enabling us to harmonize processes across the company.”


Synergy Takes Data Protection and Disaster Recovery to New Level with Hitachi

Learn how Synergy achieves 24/7 data replication with SANs at two data centers and supports its SAP environment and VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with Hitachi data protection and disaster recovery solutions

“The Hitachi solution was the most cost-effective, in terms of total cost of ownership (TCO), and delivered on all the features that we needed, including high availability, scalability and performance.”


K&H Bank Speed Up Performance, Data Analysis and Backups With Hitachi

Read how K&H Bank, part of the KBC group accelerate mission-critical services with Hitachi enterprise storage management, flash and data protection solutions.

“…we cut recovery time by 50%, from 30 hours to 15 hours.  The faster backup and recovery process makes it much easier to meet our recovery time objectives.”



DATEV Keeps Customer-Facing Systems Online 24/7 with Hitachi All-Flash Solution

Read how DATEV case study to learn how this company implemented a using two pairs of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G800 all-flash arrays to keep customer-facing systems online 24/7.

With Hitachi solutions, we know that systems will always be available around the clock. Not only does this enable us to meet tough SLAs and keep customers happy, but it also frees up time so that we can focus more time and energy on developing innovative new digital services.”


Driving Compliance and Efficiency, Eliminating Silos, Managing Unstructured Data, Improving Back-up and Data Protection. 


See how our customers, across industries are benefiting from Hitachi Content and Cloud solutions.



Accident Exchange Drives Data Compliance with Hitachi Content Platform

“If you want to be compliant, prove the document is authentic, want somewhere where they can remove the object from the application – be agnostic to the application, do automated data deletion, if you want to put multiple files, formats and sources into the platform, remove data silos then the Hitachi Content Platform is the perfect fit.”

Ray Ford, CTO, AIS Group

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    Managing 80 million objects! The 5th largest hospital in Austria transformed with Hitachi Cloud Solutions

“Our repository is working as an archive system, and also as a real-time system. He {Employees] has not to look in different silos, he can get all the information out of one viewer.”

Elmar Flamme, CTO, Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen

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     Photobucket Pictures Better Business Efficiencies With Hitachi Cloud Services

“The partnership with Hitachi [Vantara] enables us to focus on the customer, keep our data center footprint to a minimum, and move to an operational, expenditure-based cost model. These are extremely important priorities for us.” Tom Munro, CEO, Photobucket

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Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom) Manages Rapidly Growing Unstructured Data with

Hitachi Content Platform

“Since implementing the Hitachi Content Platform, we improved efficiency of backup and recovery by over 30%.”

Zhao Mingming, IT Operation and Maintenance Manager, Shandong Telecom (part of China Telecom Co., Ltd).



SiTV Builds Private Cloud for Media Assets with Hitachi Content Platform

With greater speed that is now possible through HCP, SiTV transformed work operations.  It moved awat from the many manual operations to a self-service systsm.  This change reduced the cost of operation by 50% and reduced the video recall time from hours to minutes.

Case Study -

“Excellent performance.” “It saves my data center footprint, power and cooling.”   “…reliable, efficient and fast”   “..performance is six time faster…” "Implementation Was Easy."


See and hear how our customers benefited since implementing Hitachi Flash solutions with success stories, peer reviews and 3rd party research.


Broadway Video

"Hitachi’s flash technology is reliable, efficient and fast. It improves the performance of business-critical applications by eliminating storage bottlenecks and consistently delivering immediate response rates."  Stacey Foster, president and managing director, Broadway Video Digital and Production



Magyar Telekom (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom)

“Customers expect their apps to run fast, and internet pages loading at a snail’s pace makes for dissatisfied customers.  To boost performance of data-intensive services, a high-speed storage platform is crucial.  With Hitachi Accelerated Flash functionality for Hitachi storage, performance is six time faster…”



Japan Post Bank

Flash storage deployed for critical systems used in over 20,000 branches throughout Japan

Online processing performance increases


NCF Group – Financial Services

“Now, we can rapidly respond to business demands.”  Yiguang Zhao, NCF Director of IO Operation and Maintenance

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“Excellent performance and low cost” CIO, Manufacturing


“Implementation Was Easy. Performance And Stability Was Perfect For Us.” Team Manager, Manufacturing


More 5 star reviews -


+ Gartner report : Hitachi Placed In Leaders Quadrant for Solid State Arrays.




“It saves my data center footprint, power and cooling. Performance is sub-milli second. Easy management included with active-active storage feature. Overall, it’s the complete package” IT Architect, Global 500 Computer Services Company.

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“Performance for critical virtual workloads has improved, thus improving productivity for our customers.”   IT Vice President, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

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“Excellent performance. Have increased application run processing times by 10 fold.”  Chief Information officer, Small Business Insurance Company

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BOE Technology Group is one of the World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes Global 2000, 2017 ranking).  Their products are widely used in a broad spectrum of applications, such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, monitor, TV, vehicle display, digital information display, healthcare, finance and wearable devices.


Looking to increase availability and performance for end users.  BOE implemented a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) cloud, based on Hitachi Storage, NAS, Flash and Data Protections solutions and implementation services.



“BOE Technology Group needed to transform its work and operations by implementing a new, more agile virtual desktop cloud environment.  With Hitachi solutions and services, we were able to achieve this.”


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