Athena Peterson

What does Data Center Modernization Mean to Our Customers?

Blog Post created by Athena Peterson Employee on Jul 19, 2018

As the digital world continues to become more complex, our customers are faced with constant change and flux within the industry from managing complex systems and processes, to addressing changing consumer demands and operational inefficiencies. In order to tackle these challenges, companies are modernizing their data center to support that rapid change while bridging traditional operations with agile innovation.


What is Data Center Modernization?


Data center modernization is critical to an organization’s needs and requirements to be more agile and competitive in the marketplace.



After surveying 1,400 customers through TechValidate, some of the key challenges our customers said they are faced with include complex systems and inconsistent performance. 83 % of our respondents also stated that what drove the decision to purchase Hitachi was because of the increased performance of our data infrastructure.  With increased performance, customers are able to move faster and adapt to the ever-changing environment they are faced with.


Hitachi delivers solutions with high performance and enterprise reliability, enabling our customers to have more operational efficiency while continuing to address and adapt any challenges they are faced with.


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