Banco de Brasília (BRB), Bundespolizei, BOE, BMW and more..

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A-Z of customer success. See how Hitachi solutions have worked for organizations across industries including: Finance, Police, Manufacturing, Government in our 1st blog covering A-B of customers.


Andhra Pradesh, India

See how this Hitachi Transformation Award Winner (2018) strives to provide an agile and efficient public service delivery system to benefit nearly 50 million citizens in a 360-degree life cycle approach through its Real Time Governance (RTG) initiative. With the help of Real Time Governance, Andhra Pradesh can now swiftly resolve citizen grievances and monitor infrastructure projects, incidents, weather and climatic events across the state in real time.


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Banco de Brasília (BRB) Simplify Compliance and Improve Productivity

Banco de Brasília S.A. (BRB) is a multiservice bank, providing customers with commercial, foreign exchange and real estate services. With 122 branches, more than 45,000 ATMs and a range of mobile applications, the bank aimed to offer greater convenience to its customers. With new Central Bank regulatory requirements around digital technology, BRB needed to improve the availability of its virtualized data center environment. At the same time, the staff of BRB were also keen to improve access to data for both customers and employees. BRB decided to partner with Hitachi Vantara to design and build a new virtual environment, which ultimately led to improved employee productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

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Bundespolizei Advances Germany’s Public Safety

Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) oversees air control, air safety, rail patrol, border patrol, crime reduction throughout Germany and patrol of their waters. In addition to their responsibilities within Germany, they work worldwide with other police agencies within the European Union and neighboring countries. For regulation compliance, Bundespolizei is required to submit reports about safety to their federal government, parliament (bundestag) and agencies within the EU. They also must provide data aggregation and data quality checks, and deliver them with short notice as the requests are highly critical.

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho was chosen because it is open source, has an open interface, and is able to fulfill the organization’s data integration and data warehousing requirements. Thanks to Pentaho, they are now able to provide all data and analysis on time.

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Hitachi Delivers Managed Storage Solution With Large All-Flash Deployment

For many years, the BMW Group and Hitachi Vantara have been working together successfully in the area of data storage. The company procures its storage capacity using a storage-on-demand model. Hitachi Vantara provides managed storage services and has full responsibility for operating the storage infrastructure.

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BOE Technology Group Transforms Operations, Implements a Virtual Desktop Cloud With Hitachi Solutions

BOE Technology Group Company Limited (BOE) was founded in April 1993, and is now one the World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes Global 2000, 2017 ranking). BOE is a supplier of internet of things (IoT) technologies, products and services with three core businesses: Display Device, Smart System and Healthcare Service. See how Hitachi supported them with building a fast, robust underlying infrastructure to support a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) cloud.

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