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Hitachi Customer Voices

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A-Z of customer success

Posted by cchaffey Employee Jul 9, 2019

A-Z of customer success: C - D.  In the 2nd part of this series, see videos, case studies, blogs on how Hitachi  Vantara solutions have benefited  customers in energy, telco, retail, IT, nuclear research and more 


CERN Turns to Pentaho to Optimize Operations.

CERN, Europe's nuclear research organization, has 15,000+ scientists and other users accessing data.  They needed a compliant, secure unified business analytics and reporting platform and data warehouse to provide a 360-degree view of its data. Since implementing the Pentaho Solution they have improved speed, security, and usability. 

Find out more here:


Shandong Telecom (China Telecom) Manages Rapidly Growing Unstructured Data With Hitachi Content Platform

Shandong Telecom, part of China Telecom, the state-owned telecommunication company. It is the largest fixed-line service and the third largest mobile telecommunications provider in the People’s Republic of China. With large amounts of unstructured data growing, and increasingly long data back-up’s, they needed a new solution.  Shandong Telecom now preserves massive amounts unstructured data for long periods of time, with the object storage solution, improving efficiency of backup and recovery by over 30%.

Learn more in this short success story -


More Agility in CPFL Operations Across Brazil

CPFL is responsible for distributing power to 9.1 million consumers across 12 of the 27 Federation Units and four of the five regions of Brazil (South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast). To sustain this effort, network management must constantly evolve to optimize company operations and monitor processes while supporting consistent growth in consumers without comprising performance.

See their Transformation Award video:

Case Study:


DATEV Keeps Customer-Facing Systems Online 24/7 With Hitachi All-Flash Solution

Headquartered in Germany, DATEV eG provides software and IT services to tax consultants, auditors and lawyers, as well as their clients.  To eliminate unplanned downtime of hosted services and achieve transparent failover in the event of an outage, DATEV sought an ultra-efficient business continuity solution.  With the Hitachi solution in place, DATEV is better equipped than ever before to meet demanding SLAs, even in the event of disaster.

For more details click here:


Dis-Chem Hyperspeeds Performance

Dis-Chem is a leading pharmacy group in South Africa. Started in 1978 as a family business, it now has more than 130 stores.  Since implementing Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC) VMware, Dis-Chem achieved faster performance, response times and manage data growth.

For a quick read see this infographic -

Video interview with CIO -


See more customer stories here:

Santander and Telefónica develop together the first 5G use cases of the banking sector in Europe In collaboration with ZTE, Hitach Vantara and Idronia.#



Success in Smart Spaces

Posted by cchaffey Employee Jun 7, 2019

See which of our customers are driving innovation as Hitachi Vantara introduces Lumada Video Insights.

Hitachi Vantara works hand-in-hand with customers to deliver purpose-built, outcome-driven solutions that generate actionable insights to improve safety, operations and business intelligence. Recent Smart Spaces customer successes include:

City of Las Vegas (Nevada): By deploying Hitachi Smart Spaces in its Innovation District, the city tapped traffic, parking and passenger flow data to optimize operations. In one area, a spike of bike delivery activity was detected, highlighting the need for more bike lanes along delivery routes.

City of Moreno Valley (California): For several years, this city has been using elements of Lumada Video Insights which have helped decrease crime, improve emergency-response time in traffic, and address a missing person case using Hitachi technology

Tequila Intelligente (Jalisco, Mexico): This heavily touristed home of the tequila industry uses Lumada Video Insights to gather foot and vehicle traffic data to enhance the visitor and citizen experience.

Dallas Housing Authority (Texas): To keep residents safe throughout its properties, Dallas Housing Authority deployed Lumada Video Insights, including smart cameras with compute and storage to analyze and monitor video data.

Lumada Video Insights solutions are available for customers today with global general availability for most of the portfolio, and limited availability for edge devices in some countries. More information is available at:

A-Z of customer success. See how Hitachi solutions have worked for organizations across industries including: Finance, Police, Manufacturing, Government in our 1st blog covering A-B of customers.


Andhra Pradesh, India

See how this Hitachi Transformation Award Winner (2018) strives to provide an agile and efficient public service delivery system to benefit nearly 50 million citizens in a 360-degree life cycle approach through its Real Time Governance (RTG) initiative. With the help of Real Time Governance, Andhra Pradesh can now swiftly resolve citizen grievances and monitor infrastructure projects, incidents, weather and climatic events across the state in real time.


Like Video’s Check our Customer Video Library here:


Ad Pra Award Winner Resize.jpg


Banco de Brasília (BRB) Simplify Compliance and Improve Productivity

Banco de Brasília S.A. (BRB) is a multiservice bank, providing customers with commercial, foreign exchange and real estate services. With 122 branches, more than 45,000 ATMs and a range of mobile applications, the bank aimed to offer greater convenience to its customers. With new Central Bank regulatory requirements around digital technology, BRB needed to improve the availability of its virtualized data center environment. At the same time, the staff of BRB were also keen to improve access to data for both customers and employees. BRB decided to partner with Hitachi Vantara to design and build a new virtual environment, which ultimately led to improved employee productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Read more here:


cq5dam.thumbnail.695.463 (1).png


Bundespolizei Advances Germany’s Public Safety

Bundespolizei (German Federal Police) oversees air control, air safety, rail patrol, border patrol, crime reduction throughout Germany and patrol of their waters. In addition to their responsibilities within Germany, they work worldwide with other police agencies within the European Union and neighboring countries. For regulation compliance, Bundespolizei is required to submit reports about safety to their federal government, parliament (bundestag) and agencies within the EU. They also must provide data aggregation and data quality checks, and deliver them with short notice as the requests are highly critical.

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho was chosen because it is open source, has an open interface, and is able to fulfill the organization’s data integration and data warehousing requirements. Thanks to Pentaho, they are now able to provide all data and analysis on time.

Learn more here:




Hitachi Delivers Managed Storage Solution With Large All-Flash Deployment

For many years, the BMW Group and Hitachi Vantara have been working together successfully in the area of data storage. The company procures its storage capacity using a storage-on-demand model. Hitachi Vantara provides managed storage services and has full responsibility for operating the storage infrastructure.

Learn more here:

Prefer a quick read, check out the infographic:

Learn more about how Hitachi migrated 12 sites in 8 countries over 4 Continents without disruption -


Image from the Hitachi Case Study for BMW for community.png


BOE Technology Group Transforms Operations, Implements a Virtual Desktop Cloud With Hitachi Solutions

BOE Technology Group Company Limited (BOE) was founded in April 1993, and is now one the World’s Biggest Public Companies (Forbes Global 2000, 2017 ranking). BOE is a supplier of internet of things (IoT) technologies, products and services with three core businesses: Display Device, Smart System and Healthcare Service. See how Hitachi supported them with building a fast, robust underlying infrastructure to support a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) cloud.

Click here for more details -


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Delivering New Digital Services for Customers

Kooperativa pojišťovna (Kooperativa) is insurance company offering personal and business products to more than 2.5 million customers. Part of the Vienna Insurance Group, Kooperativa been part of the country’s insurance sector for 27 years.    In late 2018, Kooperativa ramped up its digital capabilities by acquiring Pojišťovna České spořitelny, a pioneer in selling of life insurance products and submitting claims online.


“Customers need to be able to access documents, such as insurance policies, online, which would be impossible using our current document management system,” says Jan Vyvážil, Infrastructure System Engineer at Kooperativa.


Object Storage to Optimize Capacity and Data Availability

“The Hitachi solutions were easy to implement and integrate. They simplify day-to-day management and enable a smarter approach to data protection and recovery,” says Vyvážil. “Access to local Hitachi experts and partners based here in the Czech Republic is a huge advantage for us; they are on-hand to help us optimize the solution and answer any queries.”


“With smarter storage and data management, we can spend time developing more products and services that deliver greater customer value and competitive advantage.”   Dušan Drdla, CIO, Kooperativa


Digital Services Boost Customer Satisfaction

By transforming its infrastructure, Kooperativa now has the foundations it needs to support the 24/7 delivery of digital services to customers and employees. “Greater digitalization boosts user satisfaction and productivity,” adds Vyvážil. In 2018, customers were able to open 70,000 life insurance cases online via the new portal, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the claims process.


For more outcomes, click the full story here: -


Want to see how more customers are using Hitachi Content Platform click below


Like video’s see our customer stories video library -

Hitachi Vantara has been responsible for providing automobile manufacturer BMW Group with on-demand storage services since 2012. When the existing Hitachi storage was reaching end of life, the joint Hitachi and BMW Group team needed to upgrade to new hardware while safe-guarding production continuity. With the project impacting 12 sites in 8 countries across four continents and involving 1,700 physical servers, this was a massive undertaking.



Learn more about how Hitachi Vantara Boosts Cost Savings With Seamless Storage Migration -


For more on the Hitachi Vantara Managed Services and All Flash solution -

SFS is a worldwide leading supplier of mechanical fastening systems, assemblies, precision moulded parts and logistics solutions. A long-term customer, learn how SFS is using Hitachi solutions to support their production environment, build a cloud, protect their data and more…


“SFS and Hitachi Vantara have a long-standing partnership and we have implemented Hitachi’s reliable converged solutions for several years with success. We chose Hitachi’s Hyperconverged solution (UCP HC) to host management software for SFS production environment, due to the ease of management. Plus it significantly reduces business risk by improving recoverability from disasters and other unforeseeable downtime. The highly integrated UCP HC solution was deployed quickly and easily with full support from Hitachi.”

Patrick Bichler, Head of Infrastructure, SFS Group Corporate IT


Converged – Private Cloud

Learn more about SFS IT modernization with Hitachi Vantara solutions at NEXT 2018 -

Original Private Cloud Solution Case Study -


Data Protection – Rapid Recovery

Hitachi Data Protection Suite (HDPS), powered by Commvault, protects SFS Group’s mission-critical applications in the event of a disaster and reduces management time by 20% -


“With HDPS, we gained a single solution that delivers all the capabilities we need, enabling us to harmonize processes across the company.” Patrick Bichler, Head of Infrastructure, SFS Group Corporate IT


Learn more about Hyperconverged from other customers -



Voice of the Customer CIO

Posted by cchaffey Employee Dec 5, 2018

The New CIO is someone who must perform a difficult balancing act: manage existing IT operations that continue to provide value to the business, while also capitalizing on the latest technologies…. Hear from the CIO’s that are partnering with Hitachi Vantara from across finance, telco, retail, e-commerce, and outer space!



2018 Transformation Award Winner, NASA was looking to evolve to a cloud-based storage architecture, Johnson partnered with Hitachi Vantara to design and implement a uniquely complex digital repository for mission imagery -



More speed, tighter security and continual innovation…CIO Uri Shavit {Tel Aviv Stock Exchange] shares the changes and challenges in IT that face financial services and stock exchanges. He also reveals how his people and partners are the keys to success.



FNZ is growing big and growing fast. CIO Caroline Abbondanza, discusses her strategic plans to make expansion more efficient.

“…I look for partners who have a leading edge products and the flexibility to deliver on our business objectives, not just to provide IT.”



In this podcast, hear @MyRepublic CIO Eugene Yeo explain how they are accelerating the company’s TelcoTech strategy with



Infographic -

It paves the way for us to create new data monetization models, which will lead to innovation in the industry.”


Real-World Success with HyperConverged, Chief Information and Innovation Officer Kim Sim, describes Dis-Chem, a leading South African retailer experience with Hitachi. Live from NEXT:


Modernizing your data center. Watch this video to see Ivan Woo, Chief Information Officer at QNET, one of Asia’s leading direct-sales companies, describe how they partnered with Hitachi to transform their e-commerce platform.




Hear more from our customers at::

Smart Payments, a specialized innovations business unit founded by leading European digital payments provider, Nets, and headquartered in Denmark, aims to be at the forefront of payment innovation and create value for its customers by using emerging technologies in designing the payment experiences of tomorrow. In the pursuit of creating an easier tomorrow for their customers, Smart Payments by Nets partnered with Hitachi to co-create advanced, next-generation payment solutions. Using biometric technologies, Smart Payments by Nets and Hitachi created a payment solution that instantly scans a user’s finger vein patterns and links it to their domestic debit card, Dankort, providing a fast, convenient and secure way to pay. Smart Payments by Nets works to make radical payment innovation that impacts people’s everyday lives.

Missed NEXT 2018, but don’t want to miss out.  NEXT attendees heard from key Hitachi speakers and partners, but most importantly our customers.  Catch up on NEXT and our  customer stories, including: Nasdaq, SFS Group, Aldo, Dis-Chem, CERN, City of Las Vegas and many more.




Direct from the customer - see a selection of the Customer Panels, including:


Want to know more about Dis-Chem! See their infographic :



Want more on City of Las Vegas, watch their video:


Need a snapshot on Nasdaq, click:


Learn more about CERN and their Pentaho solution -



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FNZ is growing big and growing fast. CIO Caroline Abbondanza, discusses her strategic plans to make expansion more efficient.


To find out more about FNZ and how it is reducing costs and supporting growth with Hitachi solutions, visit:


Tell us about FNZ

“FNZ is a global fintech company, headquartered in London. We partner with major financial institutions to provide multi-channel wealth management services to their customers. We want our customers to be market leaders, and to do that we need to support them with stable, secure and scalable technology. This is especially important as we’re processing over £200 billion in assets per annum, and expect this to increase to more than £300 billion by 2019. We’ve got approximately 2.4 million end-customers, and that number’s growing all the time. To make sure our customers are still getting a fast and seamless experience, we need to ensure our technology is dynamic and scalable too.”



What challenges is this growth creating?

“When we onboard a new customer to our wealth management platform they bring a lot of data with them, and it’s important we get them up and running quickly and securely. Our previous storage management model was reactive – we purchased more storage when we predicted we’d need it, but that meant it was inefficient and costly! To keep up with rapid growth, we decided to move to a storage-as-a-service model, so we’re no longer paying for more capacity than we're actually using.”


Why did you decide to take a storage-as-a-service approach?

“It’s important that we focus on our core business of wealth management systems – we’re not experts in storage. By working with Hitachi, we can leverage their storage experience and free up our own people for more strategic projects. With additional capacity available more or less on demand, we can also onboard new customers more quickly and stay competitive. The cost saving is staggering too – the service will enable us to reduce storage costs by 50% over the next five years. In fact, we’re now looking at adding backup-as-a-service too, which could potentially save us 23% of our backup spend over five years.”


How do you select the right partners?

“When I came into this role I reviewed our vendors to ensure we had the best strategic partners for our business. It’s quite common for CIOs to end up with hundreds of suppliers to deliver the technology landscape, but I wanted to invest in a small number of strategic partnerships. I think it’s better for both parties if you have a relationship you can build on and invest in. I look for partners who have a leading edge products and the flexibility to deliver on our business objectives, not just to provide IT.”


How would you summarize your relationship with Hitachi Vantara?

So far, I’ve been really impressed by the commercial flexibility and the consistency of the team – often it can feel like a revolving door of faces with teams constantly changing and never really getting to know your business. The team at Hitachi gives me confidence that we can build a strategic partnership together and that they’re committed to making our plans a success.




Like video? We collected our customer stories for you to check out. See our customer's share their success, including reducing costs, monetizing data, improving customer service, reaching new markets, protecting data, improving performance and more...


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2018 Transformation Awards

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Meat and Livestock - See how Meat and Livestock are using cameras, sensors, data analytics and IoT to transform their industry in Australia.


SpinMaster - Paw patrol, Meccano, Etch-a-sketch to name a few - Spin Master produces some of the biggest names in children's entertainment.


Wiggle – See e-retailer Wiggle's ambitious plans to become a global leader are starting to become a reality, with deliveries to over 70 countries.


CPFL - For hospitals, traffic systems, airports, etc. electricity is critical. See how CPFL, a leading energy company, supports their customers with Smart Grid and greater automation


City of Moreno - The municipality partnered with Hitachi and numerous public and private entities to build an innovative, effective and very popular video surveillance ecosystem.


Security Centres International (SCI) provides public safety services across the Carribbean with the help of Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence -


NY Waterway - By deploying a highly innovative and integrated solution that includes Hitachi Visualization, NY Waterway gained real-time visibility and communication across terminals and ferries.


Deluxe - Hitachi helped the company innovate with cloud services to successfully embark on the next generation of business.


Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen transforms with Hitachi Cloud Solutions to manage Big Data -


BNova - Pentaho – Live from the Cube - Stefano Celati, BNova | PentahoWorld 2017 - YouTube (Partner discussing LAZIOcrea) -


Nasdaq - Pentaho – Live from the Cube - Michael Weiss & Shere Saidon, Nasdaq | PentahoWorld 2017 - YouTube -


Veikkaus - Pentaho – Live from the Cube - Reni Waegelein, Veikkaus | PentahoWorld 2017 - YouTube -


CERN - Pentaho – Live from the Cube - Derek Mathieson, CERN | PentahoWorld 2017 - YouTube -


Bundespolizei - Pentaho – Live from the Cube - Michael Becker & Henry Liebrenz, Bundespolizei | PentahoWorld 2017 - YouTube (German Federal Police) -


Want even more - visit our YouTube channel:

Cloudnine Hospitals operates more than 20 hospitals across India, delivering maternity and neonatal care to hundreds of patients on a daily basis.


With staff that needs access to data ‘on-the’fly’ and regulations to ensure data is kept for years, Cloudnine needed data that was safely archived, easily searchable and available at all times.


To meet all these needs and more, Cloudnine decided to build a private cloud with Hitachi Vantara’s Content solutions and Data Protection-as-a-Service provided by NxtGen.


With the new solution, Cloudnine has been able to reduce costs and prepare for even more data growth, as they continue to grow.


“This has enabled seamless patient data access and is a huge process improvement in digital patient care for us.” Jitendra Shrivastava Senior Manager – IT Cloudnine Hospitals




Infographic -

Case Study -

Uri Shavit, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)


More speed, tighter security and continual innovation…CIO Uri Shavit shares the changes and challenges in IT that face  financial services and stock exchanges. He also reveals how his people and partners are the keys to success.



Tell us about Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the IT challenges there

“We’re the only stock exchange in Israel. We offer equities and derivatives trading, clearing and settlement, indice calculations, data dissemination and more. The processes in stock exchanges, particularly clearing and settlement systems, are very different from other companies or organizations, so it’s quite a unique place to work. Speed has always been important for getting the best deal when trading, but now, with digitalization, we are required to accomplish things even faster. We are talking about micro seconds for transactions! So, data must be continually available and yet secure. We compete with other, larger stock exchanges so we are always looking at how to stay at the forefront of technology in order to reduce risk, improve capabilities, achieve non-stop operations and keep ahead of the game in cybersecurity."


What is the best thing about your job?

"One of the things I really enjoy about my role is being the link between business and technology; understanding what the business needs and how business processes work to find the best solution to address the challenges we face. It’s a really interesting and innovative place to be, working with different teams and across the stock exchange and keeping abreast of all the new technologies available."


How do you encourage innovation?

"Innovation is key – without it you just can't be competitive. We keep a really close eye on the market, always on the lookout for best-of-breed solutions for new challenges. I always encourage our staff and partners to come up with new suggestions and keep us aware of new products. Our team is really professional and has lots of experience, particularly in cyber security, which is one of the major challenges currently confronting stock exchanges and financial institutions around the world. In the last few months, we’ve signed an agreement with the new stock exchange in Kazakhstan, AIX, to share our knowledge and expertise. Our IT teams also have the freedom to try out new solutions - even if I’m not initially convinced, I like to keep an open mind and give them a chance to change it."


What are the keys to success for a modern data center?

"The modern data center needs skilled and passionate people that can be trusted and relied upon – whether those are employees or partners. The data center is right at the heart of everything we do and needs to keep evolving and improving our efficiency so that we can operate faster and without interruption. That’s one of the reasons we have been working with Hitachi for more than a decade. They have a great understanding of our business and systems and the latest Hitachi technology is providing greater automation and faster recovery times so that our data – and business - is protected no matter what."


Where do you come up with your best ideas?

"Most of the time, they come from our own staff in brainstorming sessions. The team also engages with their peers at other organizations, suppliers and counterparts who might have similar interests or special skills and they share views and ideas on where technology is going. Well, as much as anyone can predict technology as it’s evolving so fast! Following a great collaboration with several strategic partners, we recently launched a new securities lending platform based on cutting-edge blockchain technology. We’re the first player in the Israeli market to leverage this technology. The new platform will improve security and support growth."


How do you see stock exchanges evolving over the next few years?  

"Well here at TASE, we’re currently focused on creating international collaboration. We operate in a highly competitive market, and by collaborating with other smaller and medium-sized stock exchanges, we can challenge the larger organizations. I think we’ll see changes in terms of the public interface - we have some projects running at the moment around digital behavior and API management. Through all of this, we are looking to monetize our data by delivering new analytical and reporting services.. By promoting our IT innovations and advanced digital tools we’ll be able to boost our competitive advantage and increase transparency in trading and accessibility of information to the public."





To find out more about the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and how it is achieving continuous availability around-the-clock with Hitachi solutions, read the story here -

The best information always comes from customers.

Pharmaceuticals, Telecomms, Financial Services, insurance, and more.. We surveyed our All-Flash customers, including Global 500 companies through Techvalidate and wanted to share some of the great feedback . Plus see the latest 'flash' case studies and video with BMW and QNET



Global 500 Pharmaceuticals Company - 5 stars

1B8-ABB-1B2 (1).png









Global 500 Telecomms Services Company - "Enterprise-Class"




Global 500 Financial Services Company - 5 stars

6DF-B8A-456 (1).png  








"Performance, reliability and simplified management."




"The Best"




Solid performance












Customer Stories

Hitachi Delivers Fast and Efficient All-Flash Storage as Full-Service Solution - Hitachi Delivers Fast and Efficient All-Flash Storage as Full-Service Solution | Hitachi Vantara

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